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Deadline Winners & Losers


Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates haven’t been in pennant race since NWA had a hit record on the radio went out and acquired Derek Lee and Ryan Ludwick to add some offense to a team that is 26th in the league in runs scored. We should laud the Pirates for being aggressive and going for it at the deadline, though Lee and Ludwick are both batting under .250, putting them in the middle of a playoff might be the spark that energizes them both.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox traded very little to get left hander Erik Bedard who has an ERA of 3.45. This also fills a need as Clay Bucholz is likely out for the rest of the season and adding a left hander is always a plus. Decent plan b since they bowed out of the Ubaldo Jimenez sweepstakes.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves were in desperate need of an offensive spark. With Chipper Jones out for a while they could use another bat. So adding Michael Bourn who is batting over .300, has 39 stolen bases and has 26 doubles should definitely give stabilize the top of the lineup, and give them more opportunities to score more runs.


Cleveland Indians

As the old saying goes, you can never have enough pitching. Yes this is true, but they failed to improve the weakest part of their team which was the offense. Fans should be happy that they went all out and got an established ace in Ubaldo Jimenez, but I’d still be weary of an inconsistent offense.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs who are saddled with bad contracts, and overpaid players were unable to find anyone to bail them out. A lot of the players they kept on to Soriano, Zambrano, have horrible contracts that no one else wants. I’d look for them in the winter to be very active, however its another fall for Cub fans where watching the ivy grow may be more entertaining than the team itself.

Tampa Bay Rays

Being 10 games out of first place in the A.L. East and 9 games out of the wild card places you in a weird place. Not close enough to make a run at the division, but possibly enough time to chase down a wild card berth. Choosing to stand pat and not doing anything may position them well to make a few moves in the winter to make another run at the playoffs in 2012.


Indians Looking at Fukudome?

Rumor has the Indians will be trading for Kosuke Fukudome sending the Cubs a couple minor league players. If the Indians make this trade, I will feel like it is a wasted move. Yes I want them to make a trade, but trade for someone worth trading for. Fukudome only has 3 homeruns 15 doubles and 13 RBI. He’s  barely ok, and it’s the safest of safe moves that they could make. If this trade is completed I don’t see how this is a ‘spark’, it’s more like flicking a lighter low on butane fuel.

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