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For months there have been rumors that Phil Jackson has the itch to return to the sidelines and coach again and only one year after retirement. The New York Knicks were rumored to be one of the teams that would court Jackson and work his magic to guide the Knicks back to prominence.

According to the New York Times transcripts to an interview with HBO’s Real Sports that will air on Tuesday June 19, 2012, Jackson was asked by Andrea Kremer on his thoughts on the Knicks he had this to say;

“There’s just too much work that has to be done with that team, it’s a little bit of a clumsy team. Stoudemire doesn’t fit together well with Carmelo, Stoudemire’s a really good player. But he’s got to play in a certain system and a way. Carmelo has to be a better passer. And the ball can’t stop every time it hits his hands.”

If I can translate what Jackson is trying to say, basically, the Knicks roster is a mess, and I’m too damn old to go there and deal that.

While Jackson has 11 NBA titles as a coach, it’s very presumptuous that he can go to any situation and turn it around. So much has to come together, your star players have to have a certain mind set to be prepared to deal with Jackson. Also the pressure of coaching in New York and Jackson’s different way of dealing with players, who’s to say that, it’s going to work? Remember with the Bulls and Lakers Jackson had a top 5 player and normally took over the team once they couldn’t get over the hump. The only hump the Knicks are having trouble with are the Wednesday blues. Unless the Knicks make some grandiose move to bring in more complimentary pieces, it’s hard to assume from what we’ve seen that the Knicks are ready to compete for a championship.

Good thing is, this is all water under the bridge, as Jackson says that he was never called, and asked about the job. If Jackson was still interested in coaching, and wanted the Knicks job, I’m pretty sure he could’ve found a way to make his feelings known. Looks to me, he’s fine with his tenure as a Knick only being as a player for now.


All Star Voting

As Major League Baseballs’ all star break is approaching many are complaining that some who were voted in are not worthy and that it is time to take away voting privileges from the fans. My response to this is, are you crazy. You want to take away the only power that fans do have, the only thing they control in sports. Why? Yes are there players that were voted in that don’t deserve to be there, sure, but if that’s who the fans want to see, then give them what they want. The outrage should be in the importance placed on a game that should be an exhibition and nothing else. Time and time again the fans are forced to deal with whatever they are given and expected to support it. The fans don’t control who teams draft, sign as free agents, ticket prices, concession prices etc. So why not let them have this one piece of control, and if they make a mistake, who cares. Does anybody really think this game is really affected by one or two players that are on the downside of their prime are going to drastically affect the outcome of the game? I think not. And for all the criticism fans get for their selections, what about the favoritism shown by the all star managers who select their own guys over players that are more than deserving? All I’m saying is you can dump on the fans all you want but the alternative may not be that much better.

Mark Jackson was named as the new coach of the Golden State Warriors, leaving his analyst chair to stand for the better part of 48 minutes. Though with no coaching experience I believe Jackson will do ok. Not great, not bad, but well enough to warrant a second chance in the event things don’t work out in Golden State. Jackson will have his work cut out for him though, inheriting a roster with two deadly scorers in Monte Ellis and Stephen Curry and a lot of in between players, I don’t see this team having much success in the west. The biggest challenge for Mark will be getting the team to play defense better than they play it now…which is very bad. However, Jackson will be great for Ellis and Curry. The wisdom he can share from them will be invaluable and will definitely help them in their development. So with taking his catch phrase mama there goes that man, I wonder if he’ll break out the shimmy on the sideline too.



I’ve learned to discover in my adult years that things are never as easy as they seem. Life is not only about making decisions that make you happy or that bring you the most success and adoration. However at times doing what is right, even when

you will be the one to suffer the repercussions. So when I read the Sports Illustrated article on Jim Tressel, I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t appalled. I understood.

To think that any of us really knew who Jim Tressel was from a few press conferences and book signing interviews are crazy. Some will say we were fooled and duped into believing in an image that wasn’t true. Ok, if that’s the stance you want to take, then turn the mirror on yourself and think of how people would view you if they knew your most inner dark moments and mishaps of your life.

By no means should we have believed Jim Tressel was perfect in the first place. Shame on us for placing him on this pedestal that we now are trying so hard to kick him off of.

From all reports, yes it does look like Tressel is a liar, a repeated one and someone that had no intentions on stopping. Someone who knows the game very well and will play it to his advantage.  Although in this most recent situation, the Tressel we believed in is what did him in. His most honorable act is what caused him to lose a $3.5 million job and leading of one of the most prestigious athletic programs in the country. Tressel wanted to protect his players from a potential investigation that would’ve damaged their reputation at the first site of their names being mentioned at all. Noble cause; but that doesn’t mean that if you break the rules foimage

r being noble that there won’t be consequences to face.

Tressel was placed in a situation that he could’ve slowed down, but not prevented. Whether Tressel told on these six players shouldn’t be the big issue, but rather he started enabling too much, which gave these players the feeling of invincibility. They knew Tressel would take the fall for them. It’s like a three year old who knows mom or dad isn’t going to let them fall, so they continue to jump.

Tressel is guilty of perpetrating an image that he was the last good guy standing, that he would never do these things. When in reality, he would if his lively hood depended on it and if he saw it fit to protect others.

Death before dishonor; in this case unemployment before dishonor. Tressel will recover from this one day, but nationally his image is a wreck. People hate to feel as if they’ve been made a fool of. And that’s what Tressel has done considering how hard he sold his clean cut image and how much people bought in. Lost in this is what now will happen to Ohio State. What penalties they will face from the NCAA over their stance of ignorance in a slew of transgressions that have been described as systemic. Ohio State may receive some mercy now that Tressel is gone, but they will pay a hefty price and will be set back for a year or two.

The wrongdoings of Ohio State and Jim Tressel are nothing new, you could investigate every major sports program and find NCAA rule violations.

The NCAA needs to look hard at changing its rules to attempt to decrease the scandalous culture it has created. These latest allegations may not tell the whole story of whom or what Jim Tressel stands for, however it may be the only excerpt the critics will read.

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