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Peyton Manning Out for Week 1


Peyton Manning 208 straight games started streak will end as he will miss the seasoner opener. Colts chairman Bill Polian told ESPN NY 1050 this afternoon that indeed his franchis qb would be out. Good luck Colts fans as Kerry Collins will now be your starting quarterback.

Updated: Thursday 3pm
It has been reported that Peyton Manning has gone under the knife again. This will be the second surgery on his neck since May. The recovery timetable is probably the same as before 6-8 weeks. In my opinion, shut him down for the rest of the year. Nothing can be gained from rushing him. Allow him to heal and plenty of time for the neck to regnerate cells. Taking into account that its a neck injury one would rather operate on the side of caution.


The Indianapolis Colts and Jim Tressel have agreed that he will sit out the first 6 games of the season due to his 5 game suspension he would’ve served had he not resigned as head coach from Ohio State. On one hand this is great; considering the NFL suspended Terrelle Pryor for the same 5 games he was due to miss. However, it’s completely stupid that their taking care of the NCAA’s work for them. Let them clean up their own mess. This is a slippery slope you’re getting into, because where do you draw the line. Do you ignore transgressions from the last two years; do you plan to punishment everyone going forward? Was this even discussed during the lockout and put in the CBA? There’s too much gray area for this enforcement to be a mainstay, especially considering Roger Goodell doesn’t like to follow any type of precedent with the decisions he makes.

The NFL world was abuzz after an Indianapolis radio host said that Peyton Manning would need a second neck surgery. It was later reported that no surgery has been planned, but he has been instructed to not practice. The issue is, the nerves in his neck are healing slower than expected, and it’s more a body heals when it heals type thing. From a person who has had numerous surgeries, I completely understand the healing process and when the rehab consist of sitting and waiting until the body lets you know it’s ready you can’t be too careful. When it just doesn’t’ feel right, you have to take a step back just so you don’t cause yourself more problems later. Hopefully it’s nothing serious because if he misses any significant time, the Texans will finally be able to climb atop the AFC South mountain.

The Vest Man for the Job

Though many Jim Tressel detractors would love to see him just crawl away and never be heard from again. However, that will not happen as Tressel has been hired by the Indianapolis Colts as a game day assistant in charge of coaches’ challenge and reviews. Now the interesting part is that since Tressel was suspended for the first five games at Ohio State, will he have to serve a similar suspension now that he’s in the NFL? Roger Goodell has made it a point in making the rules up as he goes and following a particular precedent. In fairness since Terrell Pryor was suspended for 5 games and essentially having his college punishment carry over, it’s only fair to punish the coaches that escape consequences as well. Even though I think suspending Pryor was unwarranted in the first place, but that’s for another post. However, I don’t expect to see Tressel miss any time, as always the players are always held accountable and to a higher standard than the people that are above them in rank.

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