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During the offseason in any sports you’re prone to hear any and everybody’s name in some kind of trade rumor, whether valid or not. Remember the summer where Kobe was rumored to be on his way to Chicago? So if there were once rumors about Kobe, what makes you player x so special. Which brings me to Luol Deng who is basically admitting that all the talk of being moved is getting to him. Here’s what Deng had to say to an ESPN reporter.

“I believe there is always to some extent truth behind rumors, but as an athlete, if you get caught up in them, you are really wasting your time because it’s not something you can control. If it’s not true, a GM could always come out and say it’s not true. But if a GM doesn’t come out and say it, there are probably talks. And there should be. If I was a GM I would be shopping players around, too. I’ve got to show that I’m doing something. As much as I want to stay on the team — I love Chicago, I love the Bulls — at the same time, I know the business part of it. Sooner or later, all the rumors are going to come up.”

From that quote, it would be easy to jump on Deng as being an overly sensitive athlete, but he does admit to understanding it is a business, the only thing I would criticize is his stating his undying love for Chicago and wanting to stay on the team. None of that would matter if he was offered an opportunity to go to a team with a better chance at a title. Would he still hold that same love for the Bulls? What about when it comes to contract time, is he going to be willing to take a pay cut for the ‘love’ of Chicago and the Bulls?

I’d venture to say no. I appreciate his candor, however, I can see his words being used against him one day. And whether right or wrong, that’s the way the business that Deng is involved in works.

It would be interesting to see if they do move Deng who the Bulls would bring in. Though a solid player, Deng doesn’t provide enough scoring for the Bulls in my opinion, and though he stands 6 foot 9 inches, he’s merely an average to above average defender. You would think the Bulls would want someone younger that can average 20 points, something Deng has never done in his 8 years as a pro.


Hillis Turns Down $16 Mil?

It was reported by Action 19 news that the Browns offered running back Peyton Hillis a 3 year contract worth $16 million total with $3 million guaranteed. If this is true then I’m not mad that Hillis turned it down. That kind of offer doesn’t give him much security and considering how it may be structured, there’s the chance he would never see all $16 million. Now what makes this situation difficult is Hillis has been unable to perform to show that he deserves more than that, however taking into account his play last season I think $3 million guaranteed is a little on the cheap side. The difficult thing about professional sports is, you can’t see into the future and predict future production. So to a degree you’re paying on past production and hoping that they continue to play at that same level. Looking at the situation with Hillis objectively and looking at all that has gone on, I think somewhere between $5-$8 million guaranteed is fair. He’s a bruising back that has some speed, can catch the ball out the back field and is good in pass protection. And for all the holes on this team, you don’t want to make running back another. Now you may say that you can find running backs a dime a dozen, well why haven’t we found a consistent one and teams are paying $30 million to keep the ones they have? At this point I’m not sure if the team wants to keep Hillis from all that’s gone on from a business stand point and the public relations drama he’s been wrapped in this season, but it may be best that both parties find a way to kiss and make up.


Peyton Hillis will make around $550,000 this season and there is talk that since the Brown are under the salary cap if they should compensate Hillis for his talents. In two words: ABSOLUTELY NOT! He’s not Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson and any other elite back in the league, at this moment he’s very good. Nonetheless, before we start polliticking for him to get a lifetime contract can we see him do this for more than one year. Let’s see how he fits into this new offense, just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to spend it. Now if you’re talkng giving him a raise for a couple of years, great, but no 5 year deals with $20 million gauranteed. Running back are like used cars, just go to the lot and find you a good one, remeber how we found Hillis in the first place? I just don’t think right now, it would be a good idea to pay him top 5 running back money before seeing him doing for a second year in a row.

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