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On Wednesday June 13, 2012 Jim Rome interviewed NBA Commissioner David Stern and after years of appearances you can tell they have a good report. However on this day David Stern appeared to sound like a guy who did not want to deal with questions or thoughts he deemed as silly.

Rome asked Stern about fans concerns that the lottery was rigged in an attempt to allow Stern to dispel the rumors like he usually does. However, Stern didn’t feel like ‘playing the game’ today and basically accused Rome of trying to get a cheap thrill and asking a foolish question. While Rome may feel the lottery isn’t rigged, he has a right to ask that question if he feels it’s what his wants to hear. Fans rarely if ever get a chance to talk to commissioners and head of leagues so they’re only to get their questions asked is to forward them to Jim Rome and other national media members.

Where the interview went wrong is, when Stern acted as if this was the first time he ever heard of this and those that question the process don’t even deserve recognition. He treated Rome his question and the listeners the same way he treated the players during the lockout. The same, ‘trust me, I know more than you’ attitude that has left the players fighting against they and eventually signing a deal they don’t like for 10 years.

While this will eventually blow over and people will forget about this interview, Stern had a chance to explain to fans the process of the lottery and be transparent. Take fans behind the curtain with his own words. Instead he chose to lob insults at the host and basically taunt the fans and their conspiracy theories.

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No, he can’t answer every theory, but it’s like trying to explain to a teenager perspective, they may not get it at the moment, but when it does hit them they can always say you told them once before.

Below is a copy of the interview for those that haven’t heard it.


Metta World Peace was handed down a suspension from the NBA for his elbow to the head of Thunder guard James Harden. He was hit with 7 games which will keep him out of the last game of the regular season, the first round and potentially 2 games in the second round.

World Peace aka Ron Artest expressed remorse when he addressed the media earlier today per ESPN;

“It was bad timing for me and then, physically, it was bad timing for Mr. Harden,” World Peace said after practice was over. “Who can write up a left-hand dunk and then all of the sudden somebody is right behind you? It’s hard to draw that up and to plan something like that. It was just the worst timing for me.”

… I was just way too emotional. It seemed like anger but it was a lot of passion involved. But it was erratic. It was erratic fire, it was erratic passion. It was way too much. Way too much …

“It definitely wasn’t meant to hit him how I hit him. That’s the best way I could describe those sequence of plays and the erratic passion.”

While some take World Peace at his word and believe that the elbow he threw was inadvertent, however, David Stern wasn’t so comforting, he had this to say regarding the suspension that was handed down.

“I believe that it was recklessly thrown and I believe that in looking at the replays again and again that he should have known that James was up against him, and some would argue that he had to have known,”

“It’s really very serious stuff and it does take in account the fact that the perpetrator is who he is and has the record that he has, and this called for in our view a very stiff penalty and we think that seven games, which only includes one regular-season game, is such a stiff penalty.”

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If you ask me, I’m ok with him getting 7 games, that seems fair enough, but the way World Peace is being judged is completely unfair. We can’t continue to pick and choose who we allow to grow and change, and who we deem as evil. Yes he was involved in the worse fight in NBA history, but how long are you going to hold that against him. It’s been 8 years now, to believe he is the same person as he was then is naïve and more points to how you view change in your own life. At some point we have to let people move on from the mistakes they’ve made. If not, we should ban the narrative that America is the land of second chances.

While the NBA players weigh the current proposal from the owners, David Stern has taken to the media and blaming the agents for giving their clients bad advice and being greedy.

According to CBSSports.com Stern is quoted as saying “I just think that the players aren’t getting the information, the true information from their agents, who are banding together, sort of the coalition of the greedy and the mendacious, to do whatever they can not to have fewer opportunities for the agents to make money”.

Stern also disagrees with the players belief that decertifying the union would generate any leverage and saying “it’s not a winning strategy and “it’ll take three months to teach them it’s not a winning strategy, which would not augur well for the season”.

While it has been clear the players have little to no leverage, the tone of Sterns’ comments insinuate that they should trust whatever deal the owners place on the table. Saying you’re no longer wishing to negotiate and it’s either take this deal or a less favorable one is not indicative of a group wanting to work out a deal, but rather a group in power wanting to flex its muscles and prove they are superior.

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