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As reported by ESPN Chris Broussard, Dwight Howard has told Orlando Magic management that he would like to be traded, and preferrably to the Brooklyn Nets…again.

Not that I don’t think this is news worthy, but how many times are we going to report Dwight Howard changing his mind? I mean there has to be a point where we just wait and see what the Magic do with him right? Or will we be the village in the story of the boy who cried wolf and respond every time Howard changes his mind between paper or plastic.

We all know, and have known that Howard doesn’t want to be in Orlando, and the only way he stays is if Brooklyn finds way to relocate itself to the south. Howard will eventually be traded, the Magic just have too much to lose to just let him walk for nothing in return. However, I don’t want to get text message alerts every time Howard changes his mind.


After months of speculation about the star player Dwight Howard having control over his destiny, coach Stan Van Gundy was relieved of his duties on Monday along with General Manager Otis Smith as reported by Yahoo!. This should come as no surprise as almost every one knew it would come down to a decision of the player or the coach, and in scenarios like these, the player usually wins out.


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However the Magic were in a precarious position. Do they side with the coach and alienate the superstar they are aiming to keep, or concede to the players’ wishes essentially given him full autonomy? I’m not saying the Magic were wrong for firing Van Gundy and Smith, because they’ve obviously had their mishaps in their performance, but what if this blows up in their face and he leave or they end up trading him anyway? Then you lost out on a good coach and decent general manager all for a player you who didn’t stay in the end.

However, the Magic sound so far like they’ve decided to not let the saga drag on into the season unlike last year. They’re saying they plan on forcing Dwight Howards’ hand in giving them an answer on whether he’s going to sign a long term contract or not, so they can weigh their options via trade.

At some point teams are going to have to stand up to players and not let them hold their organization hostage. I’m all for players having more control over their own destiny and where they want to play. But c’mon, there comes a point to where it’s just bad business and hurting your image. Though Chris Paul of the L.A. Clippers has done the same thing, forcing his way out of New Orleans, he did it quietly. He let management know of his desire to play elsewhere and they’d be best serve to get something for him. He didn’t waffle in the media with his comments and he didn’t lead on the organization. He made his decision and stuck to it. Dwight has flipped flopped more than a fish out of water with his statements, while his actions has shown that he has very little desire to remain in Orlando unless he has to.

I know it’s not all superstar players, but the few that handle their business all wrong make it all bad for the others, and we know how perception works, and how easy it is to change once people get their mind made up on something (not that easy actually). Hopefully the Magic send Howard somewhere he wants to go and Commissioner David Stern vetoes it for ‘basketball reasons’. Oh the fun that can be had again this summer with that explanation.


As the soap opera with Dwight Howard progresses, there will now be a long intermission as Howard will have season ending back surgery, according to ESPN.

Dwight had missed the last week with back pain and was diagnosed with a bulging disk in his back.

Howard will surgery and will miss the rest of the regular season, playoffs and the summer Olympics.

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Now things become interesting, as the Orlando Magic with their options on whether to trade Howard or roll the dice and see if they can resign in the summer of 2013. But with this back injury will suitors be as willing to give up the farm not knowing how Howard’s back will be long term.

As I’ve said before, the Magic should’ve rid them selves of this headache long time ago.

Nonetheless let’s hope that Dwight recovers fully from this, we’ve seen what back injuries can do to players, i.e. David Robinson.

According to ESPN.com, radio station WKMG in Orlando has reported that Dwight Howard has called owner Rich DeVos to inform him that he wouldn’t play for current coach Stan Van Gundy.

Dwight Howard is currently sitting out due to a bulging disk, but there has been speculation that he hasn’t been fully invested in this season due to his strained relationship with Van Gundy

One of Howards’ representatives has told Espn.com that the story is “Completely made up, BS story”. While this defense of Howard is noble, there’s too much smoke for there not to be fire around this story.

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This season has turned out to be a complete waste for the Orlando Magic in respect to this Dwight Howard saga. Once Dwight asked for a trade in the preseason, they should have taken a serious look at ridding themselves of someone who doesn’t want to be there. Though their chances at a championship are infinitely better with him, the turmoil he caused with his wishy washyness is becoming a distraction to what the Orlando Magic need to be focusing on, and that’s winning basketball games.

Everybody looks bad in this; Orlando management looks like they’re allowing one man to hold their organization hostage. Stan Van Gundy looks like the martyr hung out to dry, for just doing his job and coach the team the best he can (up for discussion is how well he’s done said job) and Dwight looks like someone afraid to make a decision and stand behind it no matter the backlash. Everybody in this situation is looking out for their best interest, and that’s where they’re all wrong. They’ve all lost focus on the team goals and now have no chance of reaching that championship in which they strive for.

Considering all the chaos that has gone on, maybe the best course of action is to clean house, and start over. Trade Dwight, fire Stan Van Gundy, and start fresh with a new front office, because right now there’s no reason to believe that this current regime can get this train back on the tracks.

There’s a saying that goes “a man is most dangerous when he has nothing to lose”. Well I think its time to label Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy a dangerous man. Today before their game against the Knicks he let the cat out the bag, telling the media that he knew for a fact that Dwight Howard had requested that he be fired. Why would SVG do that, well… what does he have to lose at this point, his job? Yeah as if he really cares about his job anymore knowing that management is probably going to fire him no matter what.

While we can all pretty much see that Dwight Howard is at fault for basically wasting a season, when do we start to place the blame on the Orlando Magic organization? All year behind the scenes Howard has been flip flopping on what he wanted to do when it came to wanting to stay or go. You basically pressured him into staying even though he was half committal. The Magic should’ve cut their losses and traded Dwight when they had the chance. Yes, he gives them a better chance at winning and making the playoffs, however, how far can he really help them go when they all know he doesn’t think they’re good enough and can’t wait to get out of town.

Not saying that his lack of faith in his teammates is the sole reason they’re not as good as they could be, but when you have to answer questions about your co-workers problems, work becomes a burden instead of fun.

At some point in this saga someone has to be responsible and end the madness and maybe that’s what Van Gundy was attempting to do. Put everything out in the open and let the cards fall where they may. Conversely, in his quest to make everything transparent he did make available a private conversation that was had with him that I’m willing to guess was meant to stay private. This whole situation has been a breach of confidence with no one having faith in any each other and the right hand steadily telling the left hand what its next plan is. No matter what happens next, the Orlando Magic management needs to get a back bone and run their organization. Yes the NBA is a players league, but when you’re under contract you’ll go out and do your job if you know that your voice holds no weight. The Magic have gone down this road with Howard and now risk losing not only him but their good coach and will have nothing to show for it.

So while there may be some sympathy for Stan Van Gundy, in the end, everyone is loser in this process. Even when trying to brush the dirt off your grave you still get your hands dirty.

Below is the video of the most awkward moment of the year so far, as Dwight Howard hugs Stan Van Gundy after being thrown under the bus.;

If you’re going to make arguably a business phone call that will impact your current employer for the next 10 years, you may want to make sure it’s not at 1 am. As reported by CBSSports.com Bob Vander Weide Oralndo Magic President & Chief Executive Office made the 1 am phone call to Dwight Howard to discuss the business of him staying in Orlando. Now considering the relationship between the two, this may not have been a big issue, however, if the relationship is great, why would Vander Weide resign/retire after the news of this call broke?

After Vander Weide confirmed he made the call, he had this to say to BHSN:

“I was playing paddle with friends and had a couple of glasses of wine. Maybe Dwight thought it was inappropriate to talk business after a couple of glasses of wine… Maybe I should have waited until the morning.”

You think! I mean who doesn’t want to talk about business at 1 am, especially after a couple drinks. The sad thing is, this probably won’t be the root cause for Dwight staying or leaving, but the embarrassment has cost someone their very lucrative and exclusive job.

This should show us that all this fuss about sports is silly at times. We get so emotionally invested in something that is merely entertainment for us all. We neglect to realize that people around these situations have jobs at stake.

Will Superman Return?

Dwight Howard please be quiet. Have you learned nothing from LeBron? If you don’t want to stay in Orlando that’s fine, but stop being so wishy washy about it. No one would be mad at you for leaving a team with an ailing Gilbert Arenas, aging Hedo Turkoglu and coach that looks like a porn star. It’s ok. But you can’t keep playing both sides against the middle and if you receive flack for how you leave, it won’t be the media’s fault, not the fans but yours. No one can or should begrudge you for taking advantage of being a free agent but don’t rub the fans faces in it or taunt the media like it’s theirs for pointing out the different scenarios. Just let the management know your intention and say to the media that you’d like to explore your options. Really who could get mad at you? If you are a true Superman don’t go out like he did in the comic book. Don’t let free agency be your doomsday. Realize what your kryptonite is and stop playing this out to the media so much. Just have your fun and let the fans enjoy you while you’re there. Or else people like me will be writing stories similar to Lois Lane.

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