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Smooth Shots Ep 39 Chris Perez Bashes fans NBA Playoffs 05/22 by JbSmooth84 | Blog Talk Radio.


Can’t a Man Be Sick In Peace

Maybe it’s because of the bye week; possibly it’s because they got trounced by the Titans 31-13 that all of this is falling on Peyton Hillis. But one thing for sure is it shouldn’t. Something that took place almost 2 weeks ago is still story. What reason do we have to believe that Hillis would sit out if he was able to play? There’s nothing to suggest that he’s ever given less than 100% effort for the Browns since he’s been in Cleveland. And for fans and media to question how sick a person is feeling is not right on so many levels. First, how can we accurately assume how much pain another man is in especially when it comes to being sick? Everybody responds to being sick differently so why hammer him if you can’t be sure of how he’s really feeling. Second, how many of us wake up not sick and would love to just call off of work and still get paid? I do believe that Hillis was sick and wanted to play but just couldn’t, but I’m not mad that he got the most out of the situation. He was sick, got a chance to stay home and still get paid, no crime in that at all. Contract or no contract issue, I don’t think that factored into his decision not play, I think it was based clearly on his health first everything else second. How’s this comparison for you, what would’ve been the difference if he had a concussion and decided that he couldn’t go, would it had been ok for him to sit out then? And the way the fans are harping on it, you would’ve thought he was the reason they lost to the Dolphins, let’s not forget they did win the game. In close, let’s not make this bigger than it needs to be, the guy was sick and couldn’t run through linebackers and blow his nose at the same time, no need to make it seem like he quit on the team after a 3 and 1.

Titans Make Connection With Fans


The Tennessee Titans are taking a different approach with their season ticket holders by sending out players to personally deliver the tickets to the fans. I guess that’s one way to win fans back and considering Jake Locker doesn’t have a starting position to prepare for why not have him hang out with fans, may be the most action he sees all year. Also big props to Darren Rovell for exposing this story on his Twitter. You can follow him at @darrenrovell.

All Star Voting

As Major League Baseballs’ all star break is approaching many are complaining that some who were voted in are not worthy and that it is time to take away voting privileges from the fans. My response to this is, are you crazy. You want to take away the only power that fans do have, the only thing they control in sports. Why? Yes are there players that were voted in that don’t deserve to be there, sure, but if that’s who the fans want to see, then give them what they want. The outrage should be in the importance placed on a game that should be an exhibition and nothing else. Time and time again the fans are forced to deal with whatever they are given and expected to support it. The fans don’t control who teams draft, sign as free agents, ticket prices, concession prices etc. So why not let them have this one piece of control, and if they make a mistake, who cares. Does anybody really think this game is really affected by one or two players that are on the downside of their prime are going to drastically affect the outcome of the game? I think not. And for all the criticism fans get for their selections, what about the favoritism shown by the all star managers who select their own guys over players that are more than deserving? All I’m saying is you can dump on the fans all you want but the alternative may not be that much better.

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