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NBA 2K13 Cover Revealed


Video game maker 2K sports has released the cover for the latest basketball game 2K13, which has scoring champion Kevin Durant, high flyer Blake Griffin and currently injured Derrick Rose gracing the cover. While the 2K series is a great basketball game, a game that I’ll probably purchase again when its released. Their covers are quite lame, when compared to other big games. Not that a lack luster cover is going to stop me from purchasing, however, there’s something about cover art that is nostalgic to shopping experience.

Nevertheless, I wonder what changes they’ll make to the game this season, the addition of the Jordan mode last year was pretty neat, and from friends I’ve heard the online experience is really nice, especially compared to other games.



Now with the understanding that fashion has changed and the youth today dress crazy as it is, you would think millionaires would be a little more fashion savoy….Wrong.

After game one against the Lakers Russell Westbrook addressed the media in some red frames and a shirt you would were your uncle wear.

Following game two Kevin Durant sat in front of the press dressed down in a white assemble more appropriate for Miami Vice.

But perhaps the confidence they have with their wardrobe is indicative if the confidence they have in the court. I mean if your willing to mimic Sally Jessy Rapheal with your style you have to be fearless right?

Nonetheless, they need their performance to mimic their good looks in game 4 if the hope maintain the lead they hold in the series. Both Durant and Westbrook had off games and if they expect to send the Lakers home they both need to play up to their all star potential.


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