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In Cleveland from the athletes, to musicians, to the everyday working man, the city has always had alot of camaraderie.

That is no more evident from the relationship that has seemed to formed between Cleveland Browns Josh Cribbs and Bad Boy recording artist Machine Gun Kelly, who both rep the city they call home to the fullest.

Cribbs who celebrated a birthday on June 9th was invited on stage by Machine Gun Kelly during his Cleveland performance. Below is a video of how their relationship has come to be what we see today.


While many think Cleveland fans have yet to move on from LeBron and his decision, I’d say people won’t stop mentioning Cleveland when they talk about LeBron. However, in the video below hometown favorites rap artist Machine Gun Kelly and Cleveland Brown Josh Cribbs converse about LeBron and how they could never see themselves abandoning Cleveland as their home.

Cribbs also goes to allude that LeBron was on the ‘wrong path’ when he chose to go to Miami. I wonder if he feels the same now that LeBron has won his first title?

The only thing I would question about this video, Cribbs and LeBron are still friends, from time to time you’ll see a picture of them together pop up. With Cribbs making such remarks, just comes off a little as pandering to your current fan base.

Saturday afternoon Cleveland rap artist Machine Gun Kelly planned and followed through with a flash mob at Strongsville Mall. The reason…to show his fans he was still down to earth and that he cared about them. Good in theory, bad in execution in my opinion. There’s a million other ways to show your fans your still cool, that the fame hasn’t gotten to your head. Organize a kickball game, setup a charity event, organize a school supplies give away at Richmond Mall. Wouldn’t that show you’re still down to earth more than going all the way out to Strongsville Mall to cause organized chaos just to get arrested and have the media spin it in a negative light? If the purpose was to get attention, done. Outside of that I don’t get it. If this gets back to MGK I’d be happy to have him explain it to me. None the less, congrats to him on signing to Bad Boy.

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