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Mark Jackson was named as the new coach of the Golden State Warriors, leaving his analyst chair to stand for the better part of 48 minutes. Though with no coaching experience I believe Jackson will do ok. Not great, not bad, but well enough to warrant a second chance in the event things don’t work out in Golden State. Jackson will have his work cut out for him though, inheriting a roster with two deadly scorers in Monte Ellis and Stephen Curry and a lot of in between players, I don’t see this team having much success in the west. The biggest challenge for Mark will be getting the team to play defense better than they play it now…which is very bad. However, Jackson will be great for Ellis and Curry. The wisdom he can share from them will be invaluable and will definitely help them in their development. So with taking his catch phrase mama there goes that man, I wonder if he’ll break out the shimmy on the sideline too.




The NBA had their Draft Lottery today…and I didn’t watch one bit of it. Why, because it means absolutely nothing right now. The NBA Draft is not until June 23rd. So a lottery to determine the order of the draft on May 17th isn’t anything that’s going to cause me to throw some big party with chips and dip. Nonetheless, this is a day for teams that are on the bottom of the basketball totem pole and most are in need of an impact player to turn around their fortunes. The Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers were the two teams with the highest chances to receive the number one pick. And in a turn of luck the Cavs received the number 1 pick and number 4 pick (pick that belonged to the L.A. Clippers was received by the Cavs in a mid-season trade) which should help them in filling the void the Mr. I’m taking my talents to south beach left. Now I know what this means for the Cavs, however as I listened to talk radio in Cleveland you would’ve thought they won the rights to draft M.J. in his prime. Let’s put this in perspective; yes this is very good for the Cavs, they should get two impact players that in a year or two will catapult them into the playoffs. BUT, the draft is not an exact science. Yes, Kyrie Irving is expected to be very good yet, who really knows. His toe that he injured in college could fall off and then Cleveland fans will then be screaming they’re cursed. Let’s hold your horses until we see who they draft and give them time to develop before you start stitching banners to hang in Quicken Loans Arena. Yes, be excited, although let’s not forget, you still have no center and no consistent scorer, problems that will not completely be solved by Kyrie. So don’t let little ole me put a damper on your celebration. Still all I ask is that you hold off on lighting fireworks and throwing ticker tape. Remember the Cavs won the NBA Draft Lottery, not the Rolling Cash 5 in the Ohio Lottery.

10 Chauncey Billups

He’ll never lead the league or his position in any statistical category. But what he will do is make the right play at the right time. He’ll be unafraid to take the big shot. Billups is as consistent as they come with leadership as his best asset.

9 Jason Kidd

Best passer in the league, Kidd has a penchant for putting the ball right where it needs to be. His defense has dropped the last few years, but he still finds a way to finish top 10 in assist per game. Though he is no longer a triple double threat, you still can’t sleep on his court vision.

8 Andre Miller

For the last 10 years he’s been the most under rated player in the league all he does is average 7 assists, 14 points and 46% shootings for his career. Remember his days with Carmelo Anthony in Denver? Carmelo had two of his best scoring seasons with Miller as his point guard. His production after him and Brandon Roy got comfortable. All he does is produce.

7 Steve Nash

Possibly the best shooter on the list, he works the hardest cause he’s not the fastest, but he creates the easiest scoring opportunity for his teammates. He shot 49% and averaged a little over 11 assist per game, but had his lowest point average in the last six years. The Phoenix Suns had a lot of moving parts so that is to be attributed to his drop in production. But Nash still has a few good years left, but none of those will be in the top 5 of this list.

6 Chris Paul

Injuries have gotten the best of Chris Paul but with a bounce back 2010-2011 season very few put teammates in a better position to score than him. He’s lost a step in his first full season from his knee surgery which used to be his best asset. However, Paul still finished top 4 in assist per game. He doesn’t score much, but never has, he puts the ball in the hands of others to finish. Paul after another year removed from the surgery I believe will rise on this list.

5 Deron Williams

Williams is strong, can drive, shoot and pass. He is one of the few point guards that is dangerous in the post position. Give him a supporting cast and he’ll be even more dangerous. Nagging injuries from time to time have hindered him a little, but at his best he’s top 5 in any given year. Basis this ranking on this year alone he ranks here because his production since the trade dropped some. Yes he almost carried the New Jersey Nets to the playoffs, but close only counts in horse shoes. Williams when healthy will regain his reign as one of the best for now he’ll have to settle for top 5.

4 Rajon Rondo

The best floor general in the game, the only thing holding him back is his jump shot. For him to garner the respect of three future hall of famers was no easy task. And for as bad as his jump shot is he still finds a way to get to the basket.

3 Tony Parker

One of the most underrated guards in the league, shoots nearly 50% every year, can drive to the -hole with efficiency. Parker may not be the best shooter, but his mid-range jumper has improved over the years, and he still has one of the best runners in the game.

2 Russell Westbrook

Second fastest guard in the league, and his consistent defense and ability to shoot makes him hard to defend. Westbrook has puts pressure on everyone he plays because you have to respect his driving game. But that leaves you vulnerable to his outside shot. He’s as good a 3 point shooter as anyone in the league and ranks 3rd in steals and 9th in assists.

1 Derrick Rose

The fastest point guard in the league, can get to the rim and finish with the best of him. He can stop on a dime, and is in total control at all times. Also he plays defense, it may not show in the stats, but notice how he plays against the other top point guards, he’s rarely out played.

The Next 5

Stephen Curry

Mike Conley

Raymond Felton

Tyreke Evans

John Wall

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