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It’s always fun to go back and look at what people were wearing years back and say ‘ you used to wear that?!’. From funky color patterns, to the box top fade, there are just somethings some athletes will never be able to live down. And 20 years from now we’ll look back at the draft class and ask the same questions. Until then, let’s enjoy the hilarity that is this photo of Jim Jackson (drafted by the Dallas Mavericks), Shaquille O’neal (drafted by the Orlando Magic) and Alonzo Mourning (drafted by the Charlotte Hornets).



Did you hear…?

By: Crystal L. Huggins


Its official everyone, James Harden, 22 and rapper Trina, 33 are a couple. They were seen together after a recent playoff game. Rumors began to surface in January and the two have been engaging in a lot of conversation via Twitter over the last couple of months. Is it just me or it seems like Trina likes her men young this time around. We know just last year she was linked to Kenyon Martin, 35.


Shaquille O’Neal recently added doctor to his list of titles. Over the weekend O’Neal graduated with from Barry University with his PhD in Organizational Learning and Leadership. O’Neal can be seen as a modern day renaissance man. He’s not only a doctor but a former NBA Player, Rapper, Actor, Police Officer. O’Neal has done a lot in his life and he is not finished yet. According to other reports O’Neal plans on attending law school to pursue his passion for education.


On May 15th Beyonce will receive a Journalism award at the 24th Annual Scholarship and Awards Banquet on behalf of The New York Association for Black Journalists. The event is to recognize the work of over 40 journalist and special recognition to former diversity advocate Robert Naylor. Beyonce is honored for her cover story that was featured in the July 2011 issue of Essence Magazine. Since the announcement was made, many have questioned how she can receive such an honor for an article in many opinions, to be a diary entry about a nine month vacation. Considering the prestige of such an award, do you really think an article about time away from your career is worth being in the same category as someone who advocated for the minorities in the news industry?

Shaq the new comer on TNT’s Inside the NBA while still trying to find where he fits in the flow went to the bread and butter when the show drags; rip on Charles Barkley for a few laughs.

On last Thursday’s episode Shaq decided to bring up the 2007 All Star weekend when Charles and referee Dick Bavetta embraced in a kiss after racing the length of the court.

Effectively Shaq not only clowned Chuck, but also issued a challenge. Anyone that got a tattoo of the picture of the kiss, he would give them one thousand dollars.

So, 3 days later according to Ball Don’t Lie Emmet Bentley went and got Sir Charles and Bavetta tattooed on his lower leg. Now in the world of twitter, this tattoo is tame compared to the girl who got the rapper Drakes’ name on her forehead. Nonetheless, I have to wonder, is that’s all it takes to get someone to do something ridiculous?

Now let’s see if Shaq holds his end of the bargain and becomes the ‘Big ATM’ and gives dude the money. If not, Emmet is going to have an ever harder time explaining his tattoo than Chris Sims and Kyle Shanahan.

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