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Man of my Word

I, sole proprietor of JbSmooth84.com am an honorable guy. I pay my taxes, help old ladies cross the street. I mean I’m a good dude. So I’m here to pay my debt. I lost a bet to a guy on Twitter named Keith (@brksfromthepnd).

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The bet was, whether Tim Tebow would win a playoff game or not. Well… I took the he would not side of that bet and well I have to now pay the piper.

Let this be a lesson, there’s no such thing as a sure bet.

The payback; I had to take a picture ‘Tebowing’. So because the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to play the worse defense ever, I’m here to pay off my debt.



While it seems like defenses can’t stop the Tim Tebow madness from happening, Riverhead High School principal put an end to the ‘Tebowing’ craze. According to Yahoo nearly 40 students decided to bow down in the hallway to pay homage between classes, and do the Tim Tebow pose.

The school suspended four students who they believed organized the impromptu celebration for one day saying they were ‘blocking the schools hallways’. Conner and Tyler Carroll who both play on the football team, Wayne Drexel and Jordan Fulcoly were the four students disciplined,

Conner was the most surprised about the punishment levied upon him;

“The administration told us that our Tebowing was blocking the halls and could potentially cause a riot, because they were growing in number and if the wrong kid gets pushed a brawl could ensue. We had no idea that we could get suspended for such a thing. It was a joke between a group of friends that took a life of its own. We figured at the most we would just be told to stop.”

Now if you ask me they shouldn’t have been suspended, they should be applauded. To arrange such a celebration shows valuable skills such as leadership. Can you imagine how hard it was to coordinate 40 other people do something at once? Furthermore to be that organized alludes to their knack for preparation. And think of it this way, you suspended them for an act of fun, allowing them to have a day free of school… doesn’t seem like much of a punishment if you ask me.

According to John Clayton the Kansas City Chiefs have claimed Kyle Orton off waivers. Now that Orton is out from the shadows of Tim Tebow and his bible, let’s see how he performs for the rest of the year. This not only impacts the Chiefs, but the Bears as well we were considering Orton to replace Jay Cutler who recently had surgery on his thumb. As with most things there are pros and cons to this deal as well.


For the Chiefs they get a proven quarterback, no more having to scrap the bottom of the barrel for a practice squad player to just get you by.

He’s played in the division. With 2 divisional games left, he already has a familiarity with your team and the teams you will face off with while fighting for your playoff life. And can help your defense against Tim Tebow and the Broncos.

He’ll be motivated. Nothing like having someone playing with a chip on their shoulder to show they’re old team that they should’ve never been let go. During the final 6 weeks he’ll play two teams that basically told him he wasn’t good enough. With this motivation he’ll have an added incentive to be on top of his game.


It’s already Tuesday and with a game on Sunday he may just bomb in his first game. Look at how well Carson Palmer did in his first start. Time is not on their side, he doesn’t have a whole lot of time to learn the playbook and generate a rapport with the offense.

Even with upgrading the qb position, the players around him still have to produce. After signing in K.C. in the offseason Steve Breaston hasn’t been as productive as need be and Dexter McCluster hasn’t had the same impact as he did a year ago. Overall the offense ranks 28th. The supporting casts’ performance will be equally as important to the Chiefs success down the stretch.

The Chicago Bears who were rumored as one of the teams who were going to put in a claim for Orton.  Since they weren’t rewarded Orton they’ll turn to Caleb Hanie who almost guided them to victory when Jay Cutler injured his knee in the playoffs. As I see it, I don’t think picking up Orton now would help them. Mike Martz runs a complicated offense that is going to take more than cliff notes to pick up. Hanie having already been there should be able to nurse the team along until Cutler comes back.

This should make for an interesting AFC East division race as. The Chiefs are 4-6 and still play the Raiders and Broncos in week 16 and 17, which gives them some control over their own destiny.

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In Tebow We Argue

During 67 minutes and 36 seconds of game action what did we learn about Tim Tebow? Absolutely nothing that we didn’t know before; his mechanics sucks, he’s going to take big hits and he’ll make one or two big plays during the game. It could be said he did more to cause the Broncos to lose than he did to help them win. I’m neither a hater nor a supporter of Tebow, but I do think he needs more time to develop. When I watch him play he just looks like he’s making it up as it goes, and that style only goes so far, you can be unpredictable all the time, organized chaos doesn’t work in a game that requires all 11 guys to be on the same page. I wish Tebow success because he’s unconventional, they same way I like to see Michael Vick and Vince Young succeed. They aren’t the norm, they have unique talents that allow them to win with methods we aren’t used to. Only thing with Tebow, though he may not be ready to start right now, the fact that he’s a “nice’’ guy and believes in morals that other place major importance in, people feel the need to elevate him because of his character instead of his performance. However, there’s no clause that says just because you’re a good guy that says you have to play, or you’re destined to be a great player. Plenty of nice guys have turned into bums and took their talents elsewhere. Now let’s see what he does during the next four games which are against teams above .500 or better, 3 of which have above average defenses. Now if he starts splitting defenses like the red sea, I just might have to change my stance on Tebow.

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