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As reported by ESPN Chris Broussard, Dwight Howard has told Orlando Magic management that he would like to be traded, and preferrably to the Brooklyn Nets…again.

Not that I don’t think this is news worthy, but how many times are we going to report Dwight Howard changing his mind? I mean there has to be a point where we just wait and see what the Magic do with him right? Or will we be the village in the story of the boy who cried wolf and respond every time Howard changes his mind between paper or plastic.

We all know, and have known that Howard doesn’t want to be in Orlando, and the only way he stays is if Brooklyn finds way to relocate itself to the south. Howard will eventually be traded, the Magic just have too much to lose to just let him walk for nothing in return. However, I don’t want to get text message alerts every time Howard changes his mind.


According to ESPN.com, radio station WKMG in Orlando has reported that Dwight Howard has called owner Rich DeVos to inform him that he wouldn’t play for current coach Stan Van Gundy.

Dwight Howard is currently sitting out due to a bulging disk, but there has been speculation that he hasn’t been fully invested in this season due to his strained relationship with Van Gundy

One of Howards’ representatives has told Espn.com that the story is “Completely made up, BS story”. While this defense of Howard is noble, there’s too much smoke for there not to be fire around this story.

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This season has turned out to be a complete waste for the Orlando Magic in respect to this Dwight Howard saga. Once Dwight asked for a trade in the preseason, they should have taken a serious look at ridding themselves of someone who doesn’t want to be there. Though their chances at a championship are infinitely better with him, the turmoil he caused with his wishy washyness is becoming a distraction to what the Orlando Magic need to be focusing on, and that’s winning basketball games.

Everybody looks bad in this; Orlando management looks like they’re allowing one man to hold their organization hostage. Stan Van Gundy looks like the martyr hung out to dry, for just doing his job and coach the team the best he can (up for discussion is how well he’s done said job) and Dwight looks like someone afraid to make a decision and stand behind it no matter the backlash. Everybody in this situation is looking out for their best interest, and that’s where they’re all wrong. They’ve all lost focus on the team goals and now have no chance of reaching that championship in which they strive for.

Considering all the chaos that has gone on, maybe the best course of action is to clean house, and start over. Trade Dwight, fire Stan Van Gundy, and start fresh with a new front office, because right now there’s no reason to believe that this current regime can get this train back on the tracks.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting via their True Hoop blog that the Boston Celtics if offered would be open to trading point guard Rajon Rondo to bring in another scorer alongside Paul Pierce. While scoring is an important factor, cornerstone point guards are hard to find. If you place to the right pieces around him, Rondo can create scoring opportunities for players.

Look at Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, they’ve both had the highest field goal percentage of their career last season both shot 49%. During the last three seasons Pierce’s per game average has increased and some of that has to be accredited to Rondo.

If I was Danny Ainge I would hope and pray Jeff Green can emerge as the 6th man and be the one who can provide some scoring, as I would say scorers are easier to find than franchise point guards.

Carson Palmer to the Raiders

The Oakland Raiders traded for Carson Palmer on Tuesday sending the Cincinnati Bengals a 2012 first round draft pick and a conditional draft pick in 2013. And not only is Palmer a member of the Raiders he’ll also start this Sunday when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs. For as risky as this is, for all they gave up for him they need to get him on the field to see what he can do. Though he is a veteran, going to a new team, new system, teammates and all I don’t think the transistion will be easy. Good thing is, the Raiders get a bye next week, so whatever goes awry during this game they’ll have two weeks to figure out where the learning curve is. Now judging the Bengals end of this trade… at worse they’ll get a first and a second round pick for a guy that was hell bent on not playing for them. Moreover, there’s no way Palmer can sabotage this deal. Even in his success there’s potential for the Bengals to get a higher pick. Great move by the Bengals, they got the most they could for him, let him stay home and didn’t allow this situation to become a distraction. Many people don’t credit Mike Brown for much, but for all we know today, it definitely looks like he got the best end of this deal.

Tribe & Jim Thome Come Full Circle

They say you can never go home again… That seems not to be true for Jim Thome as he comes back to Cleveland where his career started. The Indians claimed him off waivers and completed a trade with the Minnesota Twins sending a player to be named later to the twin cities. Now, this wasn’t the bat I thought the Tribe needed, however, with Travis Hafner out for who knows how long you need somebody that could provide some pop. Thome will help, but is it too late, you’re 6 games out of first place, the ace you traded for hasn’t performed to expectations and you’ve had the worst week of the season at the wrong time. Hopefully Thome can bring back some of that late 90’s magic win he steps into the box at Progressive Field. Now, how will fans receive Thome in his first game back, he unlike other Indian greats didn’t leave on the best of terms, and the quote  “my wife is my rock” still resonates on fans minds when thinking of Thome. I believe for the most part Thome will be cheered, considering we need him to play well and he’s one of ours again the fans won’t bash him, however I think the ratio of fans cheering to jeering will be 60-65% to 40-35%. Hopefully this works out, because up until two weeks ago the Indians season had been very exciting and I would hate to see it all go to waste.

Indians Looking at Fukudome?

Rumor has the Indians will be trading for Kosuke Fukudome sending the Cubs a couple minor league players. If the Indians make this trade, I will feel like it is a wasted move. Yes I want them to make a trade, but trade for someone worth trading for. Fukudome only has 3 homeruns 15 doubles and 13 RBI. He’s  barely ok, and it’s the safest of safe moves that they could make. If this trade is completed I don’t see how this is a ‘spark’, it’s more like flicking a lighter low on butane fuel.

Bill Belichick has made it a habit of taking players you don’t want, and resurrecting their production. Well, he will now try that again with Albert Haynesworth, who he traded for only having to give the Redskins a 5th round pick. Now, Haynesworth will still be in a base 3-4 scheme, but Belichick likes moving players around on his defense and with this fresh start Haynesworth should be open to the ideas Belichick will have, unless this may be the end of his road. Considering how the Pats stack draft picks and only gave up a 5th rounder, I think this is a win win for them. They get someone to play alongside Vince Wilfork to sure up that run defense, and if by chance it doesn’t work out they can cut him and it’s not like they gave up something of huge value.

Cavs Making Moves

The Cavs have made a trade sending J.J. Hickson to the Sacramento Kings for Omri Casspi and a first round lottery protected draft pick (which means if the Kings pick is in the top 14 the Cavs can’t use it). I love this deal for both teams. The Cavs acquire a player to play on the wing, and he gives them a guy who can shoot and can at least put the ball on the floor and be a threat to create his own shot. The draft pick gives them another asset to have in their pocket. The Kings get Hickson, someone to play with DeMarcus Cousins and give him some competition at the power forward spot. Which I think will be good for Cousins, and Hickson, they both will be in a position where they can lose minutes to one another which should breed competition and should make them both better players. Not often do you see trades that look on paper will make both teams better. But this is one that has seemed to do that.

New Cavalier Omri Casspi will join the Cavs              J.J. Hickson will be moving west to Sacramento

along with a future 1st round pick                                Kings to team up with Tyreke Evans

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