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There’s a saying that goes “a man is most dangerous when he has nothing to lose”. Well I think its time to label Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy a dangerous man. Today before their game against the Knicks he let the cat out the bag, telling the media that he knew for a fact that Dwight Howard had requested that he be fired. Why would SVG do that, well… what does he have to lose at this point, his job? Yeah as if he really cares about his job anymore knowing that management is probably going to fire him no matter what.

While we can all pretty much see that Dwight Howard is at fault for basically wasting a season, when do we start to place the blame on the Orlando Magic organization? All year behind the scenes Howard has been flip flopping on what he wanted to do when it came to wanting to stay or go. You basically pressured him into staying even though he was half committal. The Magic should’ve cut their losses and traded Dwight when they had the chance. Yes, he gives them a better chance at winning and making the playoffs, however, how far can he really help them go when they all know he doesn’t think they’re good enough and can’t wait to get out of town.

Not saying that his lack of faith in his teammates is the sole reason they’re not as good as they could be, but when you have to answer questions about your co-workers problems, work becomes a burden instead of fun.

At some point in this saga someone has to be responsible and end the madness and maybe that’s what Van Gundy was attempting to do. Put everything out in the open and let the cards fall where they may. Conversely, in his quest to make everything transparent he did make available a private conversation that was had with him that I’m willing to guess was meant to stay private. This whole situation has been a breach of confidence with no one having faith in any each other and the right hand steadily telling the left hand what its next plan is. No matter what happens next, the Orlando Magic management needs to get a back bone and run their organization. Yes the NBA is a players league, but when you’re under contract you’ll go out and do your job if you know that your voice holds no weight. The Magic have gone down this road with Howard and now risk losing not only him but their good coach and will have nothing to show for it.

So while there may be some sympathy for Stan Van Gundy, in the end, everyone is loser in this process. Even when trying to brush the dirt off your grave you still get your hands dirty.

Below is the video of the most awkward moment of the year so far, as Dwight Howard hugs Stan Van Gundy after being thrown under the bus.;


In professional sports when dealing with trades, sometimes you have to show patience before rating the trade as a success or failure. So when the Cavs traded Ramon Sessions many wanted to pan the deal. However, I feel it was necessary they trade him and for reasons I’ll lay out below.

Sessions had a player option on his contract for next season; if he picks it up he’ll earn $4.6 million. If not he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. The Cavs couldn’t take the risk of losing their back up point and getting nothing in return. Other teams had needs so the Cavs went with the offer they like best. Some will say the Cavs should’ve shown more interest in keeping Sessions. I ask how? He wanted to be a starter and get paid. Well he could only do relatively one of those things here. He wasn’t going to start, and I don’t care what he said publicly about liking it here, and happy with his role. If you’re going to cite those public remarks as reasons why he was happy to back up Kyrie Irving, then let me remind you what his tenor was a year ago. These are comments he made March 25, 2011;

”It’s tough. I’ve been waiting to get a break my whole career,” Sessions said. ”When Mo [Williams] was out, I feel like I did all I could do to finally get that break. But B.D. is a great player. If I have to come off the bench, I’m used to it. I’ll go back to that role again.”

We all have egos and no one wants to play number 2 forever, everybody wants their chance to show they can be ‘the man’, and Ramon wanted his shot. I would agree with the comments that he wanted to stay had he already had his shot at being a full time starter elsewhere. However he hasn’t and with Kyrie here, no matter many minutes he plays he would always be a ‘back up’ and that wasn’t going to change. For those who will say, he’ll get significant playing time, you don’t understand that ‘significant playing time’ isn’t going to translate to it being ‘his’ team, and him playing in the crucial moments of a game. Those duties belong to Kyrie. Just like in football, they say if you have two quarterbacks then you have none. Ramon wanted his shot at being the guy and that wasn’t going to change until he got it.

Also, if he wanted to stay, and was soooo happy being in Cleveland why didn’t he pick up his option before the trade deadline? Truth is, he wanted to start, but had to play his role while he was here and until free agency came. Had he came out and said that he didn’t want to play behind Kyrie, I want to start and feel that I’m a starting caliber player, he would’ve been crushed. So, while I don’t completely doubt that he enjoyed his time here, I’m pretty sure he’s more than happy being somewhere else where he’ll get his chance to be the number 1 guy.

Deadline Winners & Losers


Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates haven’t been in pennant race since NWA had a hit record on the radio went out and acquired Derek Lee and Ryan Ludwick to add some offense to a team that is 26th in the league in runs scored. We should laud the Pirates for being aggressive and going for it at the deadline, though Lee and Ludwick are both batting under .250, putting them in the middle of a playoff might be the spark that energizes them both.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox traded very little to get left hander Erik Bedard who has an ERA of 3.45. This also fills a need as Clay Bucholz is likely out for the rest of the season and adding a left hander is always a plus. Decent plan b since they bowed out of the Ubaldo Jimenez sweepstakes.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves were in desperate need of an offensive spark. With Chipper Jones out for a while they could use another bat. So adding Michael Bourn who is batting over .300, has 39 stolen bases and has 26 doubles should definitely give stabilize the top of the lineup, and give them more opportunities to score more runs.


Cleveland Indians

As the old saying goes, you can never have enough pitching. Yes this is true, but they failed to improve the weakest part of their team which was the offense. Fans should be happy that they went all out and got an established ace in Ubaldo Jimenez, but I’d still be weary of an inconsistent offense.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs who are saddled with bad contracts, and overpaid players were unable to find anyone to bail them out. A lot of the players they kept on to Soriano, Zambrano, have horrible contracts that no one else wants. I’d look for them in the winter to be very active, however its another fall for Cub fans where watching the ivy grow may be more entertaining than the team itself.

Tampa Bay Rays

Being 10 games out of first place in the A.L. East and 9 games out of the wild card places you in a weird place. Not close enough to make a run at the division, but possibly enough time to chase down a wild card berth. Choosing to stand pat and not doing anything may position them well to make a few moves in the winter to make another run at the playoffs in 2012.

Is Time Running Out on the Tribe?

The lockout has ended and players are now able to report to their respective facilities and workout until training camp officially opens up on Friday July 29th. So the Indians have until today to generate some kind of buzz before Browns fever fully kicks in. The Indians have had the luxury of the Cavs being terrible this past season so the entire spring was theirs and with the NFL lockout taking place there were no Browns activities to distract fans from the ups and downs the Indians would go through. Well all of that is over, and soon fans will have to choose between spending their viewing and sports interest on the Indians and the Browns and considering the Browns are king in this town, the Indians better do something. Since the all star break the Tribe is 5-8, and the offense is looking worse and worse, they’ve averaged 2.3 runs in their last 8 losses. Once again, the name of the game is to end the game with more runs than your opponent, and as long as this team continues to put the pressure on the pitching to win them games, they will struggle. Now with the Browns returning to business as usual ALL attention will be on them for the next few weeks, with all the signings that will take place and the intrigue of is Colt McCoy the guy, who will he throw the ball too, and who will we have to rush the passer. So is tribe time running out? No…based on the condition the Indians do something to take advantage of the position they are in. They’re only 2 games out of first place, and we’ve seen that all it takes is for you to get into the playoffs and anything can happen. Now is the time where the Dolans’ can destroy the perception of them being cheap. They were rumored to be going after Carlos Beltran, but the Mets demands were outrageous. If so, then understandable, but they can’t just stand pat and think this team will come out of this scoring slump. The offense needs some help and making a move would catapult them back into the headlines and the front of minds of fans. Here’s a few guys that I think could help the tribe, and give them a spark; Gaby Sanchez from the Marlins a right handed batter who has an on base percentage above 350, 24 doubles, 16 homeruns and 58 RBI, the only snag could be, he plays first base, a position in which the Indians like to play Carlos Santana at a lot. Seth Smith from the Rockies a guy that can play the outfield, a left handed batter who has hit 25 doubles and a .288 batting average. This is the only guy of the four I will name that I’m not so sure of, but Carlos Lee, who is 35 years old and is subject to make between 16 and 19 million dollars next season which is the last year of his contract. However, he can still produce, and being traded might do him some good. Only 9 homeruns this year, but 58 RBI, and 27 doubles, on a bad Astros team and a pitchers park down there in Houston. The last guy I think the Indians should go after, Cameron Maybin of the Padres. He’s hit 6 homeruns has 22 stolen bases and a .333 on base percentage and could add some more speed to the top of the lineup. His walk (26) to strike out (77) ratio isn’t that great, but that could just be a case of a young player trying to do too much on a bad team. Three of these players would be under control of the Indians until at least 2015, and all but Carlos Lee are eligible for arbitration in 2012 or 2013. And for these guys you shouldn’t have to give up a left arm and a leg. They should be able to make a reasonable deal and most of these guys are still young so you still keep that youth factor that the Indians love so much. So for now time hasn’t run out, but the sand is running down the glass pretty fast.

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