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ESPN sat down with LeBron James after winning his first NBA title and broke up the conversation in 3 parts. In my opinion in this interview he comes off humble, understanding that he can’t as narcissistic as he has before. From the earned not given  t-shirt, I thought he did himself good with this interview for those giving him a fair shot to earn his way back into their good graces. For those who don’t like him, and look for any reason to discredit him, the interview will do nothing.

If you haven’t seen the interview, check out the video below of the full interview.


While many think Cleveland fans have yet to move on from LeBron and his decision, I’d say people won’t stop mentioning Cleveland when they talk about LeBron. However, in the video below hometown favorites rap artist Machine Gun Kelly and Cleveland Brown Josh Cribbs converse about LeBron and how they could never see themselves abandoning Cleveland as their home.

Cribbs also goes to allude that LeBron was on the ‘wrong path’ when he chose to go to Miami. I wonder if he feels the same now that LeBron has won his first title?

The only thing I would question about this video, Cribbs and LeBron are still friends, from time to time you’ll see a picture of them together pop up. With Cribbs making such remarks, just comes off a little as pandering to your current fan base.

New LeBron James Nike Commercial

It didn’t take long for Nike to release a commercial in celebration of LeBron winning his first NBA title. Here it is.

Big ups to Jose3030

Have Fans Gotten this Desperate


Being a fan of a sports team can be compared to a marriage, for better or worse your team is your team, good bad, win, lose or draw. So as Cleveland fans love their Cavaliers, is it necessary to root for a team, come up with cornball names and logos to show your support?

Many fans I know are openly rooting for the Oklahoma City Thunder to beat the Heat, primarily LeBron. And while I completely understand the angst Cleveland fan feels towards LeBron, can’t you just root against him without adopting another team? I mean, isn’t is kind of corny that your calling yourself a ‘Thunderlier’?

I understand and have come to terms that fans will never let go of the TV special ‘The Decision’ and how disrespected they feel by LeBron. And that’s fine, root against LeBron all day, every day, but aren’t you cheating on your team when you attempt to mesh your fandom with that of another team?

What happened to just rooting for player x or team x to lose? It just seems a little jaded, and bitter that once your team is out of it, that you completely jump on the bandwagon of another. Living in Cleveland, and visiting other cities around the country, I’ll always laud Cleveland fans as some of the best fans ever. Knowledgeable, passionate, and most importantly LOYAL.

Perhaps Cleveland fans are that starved for a championship, that hungry to finally be acknowledged for the heartache they’ve endured, and that’s why they do it.

But I will say this, the pictures of these logos, has got to stop, they’re corny, lame and make you look fair weather. You can root against LeBron without it.



When LeBron James went down to Miami I don’t think he ever could’ve envisioned it being this way. Having to work just as hard as he did in Cleveland, him having to carry another team with two superstars; granted one has a known injury, and the other has analyst spreading the word of him not being 100%. In game 6 he had an all time career night and many gave him no credit. 45 point 15 rebounds 5 assists, the only person to out do him was Wilt Chamberlain who had gone for 50 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists in the ’64 Finals against the Celtics. However, did he ever imagine having more pressure and responsibility placed upon him after leaving Cleveland? Has the thought, ‘if it was going to be like this I should’ve stayed in Cleveland’ crossed his mind?

Just look at the situation he’s placed himself in, no matter what he does, unless he performs in the manner people want him to in the 4th quarter, it’s never going to be enough.

In Game 6, win or go home situation, elimination game for his team he showed up from Jump Street and balled out, yet people are saying that wasn’t a clutch performance. Are you crazy? Or to take a line from Major Payne, deaf, blind or just plain dumb? Not that I’m a LeBron fan, but let’s be fair, what he did on June 7, 2012 was an incredible all time great moment. And he did it with essentially no help from Dwayne Wade (one of these days people will call him out for his lackluster play these playoffs) but I digress. LeBron was in a zone that hasn’t been seen from him before. However all everybody did was attempt to discredit what he accomplished. So does he ever contemplate what it would’ve been like had he stayed in Cleveland? Given the organization a better chance at recruiting players by committing long term. Yea, we all like to think that celebrities and athletes don’t have human emotions, but they do. I wonder if you had the chance to ask LeBron that one question would answer honestly.

Yes he did this to himself, but for as fair as America is, we’re down right brutal in the way we want people climb back into our good graces. Fair or unfair unless LeBron beats the Celtics with one had behind his back, crosses over Kevin Durant with 30 seconds or less on the clock and make a free throw line jumper to clinch a championship victory for his team, he’ll be hard pressed to dig himself out of the hole he’s created. In two short years LeBron has gone from The King, the Chosen one, to 1990 Ice Cube, the basketball player you love to hate.

There have been plenty of funny and different fashion moments during this years’ playoffs. Seemingly as we get deeper into the playoffs the players are aiming to top each other with the wildest outfit they can find. So after game 2 of the Easter Conference Finals Dwayne Wade came to the press conference dressed in hot pink pants white and pink tennis shoes and a white button up shirt. As he and LeBron exited the podium some fine photographer caught this shot.

So I leave this post for you to caption and leave the funniest comments. The funniest one will be selected and will win a JbSmooth84.com shirt personalized with their name on it. So have at it, and have fun. Remember, keep it clean.

LeBron James Wins 3rd MVP

Over the weekend LeBron James notched his third MVP trophy in four years and statistically one of the best seasons of his career. LeBron averaged 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, 6.2 assist and 1.9 steals per game in a lockout shortened season. He shot the best field goal percentage of his career at .531.

LeBron joins elite company becoming only the 8th player to win most valuable player 3 times (K. Abdul-Jabbar, M. Jordan, B. Russell, W. Chamberlin, L. Bird, M. Johnson, M. Malone).

Subsequently, LeBron is the only player on that list to not win a championship, in two NBA Finals appearances LeBron has failed to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a ring.

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Many will try to diminish his accomplishment by pointing out the fact that he is the only with 3 or more MVPs’ to his name without a ring. However, that would be the easy way out, LeBron this year in a shortened season came ready to put the drama of 2011-2012 season behind him and play within himself and not let the criticism change who he was. LeBron decided to who he wanted to be instead of trying to fit a narrative. Those who are objective and judge LeBron fairly will appreciate what he is doing right now. Players like him don’t come around often, like him love him hate him if you will, but enjoy him in his prime while you can.

One last thing though, LeBron hasn’t had many gaffes this season, but what in the world was he wearing at his press conference? Not that I’m some fashonista, but c’mon he makes too much money to be wearing blue yoga suit pants to a press conference. I’m just saying…

Are you happy now? Do you feel vindicated world? LeBron James finally went on TV and said he was sorry, admitted to his mistake that was ‘The Decision’ and said he would do it differently if he could. He didn’t pass this off on his team, manager, family or pressure. He took it on the chin. A little too late, maybe, nonetheless he copped to it, isn’t that what we all wanted?

Now for those of us that live in Cleveland I’m not here to say get over it, but there must be a line drawn, wouldn’t you agree? The vulgar name calling isn’t needed, and I’m not asking you love him.

However, let’s treat him, like every other villain we’ve had. Boo him emphatically; hope he misses every big shot and that his team loses every big game. But I don’t think there is any reason to allow it to be personal.

As a fan, I’ve moved on, he was never my favorite player because of his game, but I rooted for him because he played for my team and it was nice having the best player in the league on your team. Do I wish he would’ve given the Cavs 2 weeks’ notice so they could prepare? Yes. However, the man wanted to get away from home, leave the nest and play with some dudes he thought could help him achieve his goal. Mind you, most of us have these same feelings and either our situation doesn’t allow us to make the same move LeBron did, or we’re too scared to take the risk. Give him credit for taking a risk, going against the grain, and though it didn’t work in its first year, if he gets a ring or two, wouldn’t you say it was worth it?

But answer my question NBA, basketball, sports fans. Are you happy, isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted from every professional athlete, accountability? So will you give him credit for that, will you now judge him only on his play on the court and leave his personality flaws (which we all have) out of the equation.

Or will the vitriol remain until you feel like it’s enough?

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Hanging From the Rafters


Bingo Smith, Larry Nance, Mark Price, Austin Carr, Nate Thurmond, Brad Daugherty and now “Big Z” Zydrunas Ilgauskas will be honored among Cavalier greats as the organization will retire his number whenever the lockout is over. Good for him, he endured so much with his injuries and for him to peservere and have a servicable career was a great site to see. Although he did run down to Miami to win a ring, the legacy he will leave here will never be forgotten. However, this sparks the convo of when the time comes will the Cavs hang LeBrons’ jersey when he retires? Should they? In my opinion, yes they should. Will they, HECK NO! Time heals all wounds but it doesn’t erase scars, and no matter how great his time here was, fans won’t want to celebrate his career, even the good times he had. Nonetheless, when it comes time to celebrate Big Z’s career I’m sure fans will shower him with praise.

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