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Tiger Woods just released his new endeavor, which is an application for your mobile device that will allow the one and only Tiger Woods to coach you on your golf swing. Are you serious? No, really, Tiger didn’t just do that right? I got love for Tiger. He’s a big reason why I play golf to this day, the biggest influence behind me playing high school golf. However, as the saying goes, timing is everything and the timing for this is terrible. Tiger hasn’t won a golf tournament in over 400 days and in his last tournament he was hitting the ball out of bounds. If anybody should be using an app to fix their swing it should be Tiger. His swing is worse than a two year old wailing a plastic golf club. Now for the record, I do believe Tiger will break out of this slump, but as it stands now, Tiger flat out sucks at golf. For those that don’t play golf, think of it this way. Imagine a fourth grader that struggles writing between the lines and in cursive attempting to give the third grader who’s struggling some tips, it’s just not a good idea. I do believe that Tiger will figure it out, but in the meantime Tiger needs to figure out his own swing…I believe there’s an app for that.

Updated Apr 9, 2011:

At the Masters after the first two rounds Tiger looked as if he took his own advice and figured it out. But, then came Saturday, where he finished the third round seven shots off lead. So much for him having it down. Now there is a chance for Tiger to make a strong run and capture his 15th major, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It may be safe to say, Tiger’s new app may need an update already.


Many people have no clue who Greg Anderson is or what he does or what he stands for. But Barry Bonds does. Barry knows more than anyone could ever fathom. Giving someone a ride, loaning them a few dollars here or there, being there when they need an ear to vent to, are what most people would consider good faith actions in a friendship. Not to Greg Anderson. Greg has taken the term ‘ride or die’ to the next level. Greg Anderson trainer and best friend to Barry Bonds has sat in jail for more than a year because he wouldn’t tell on his comrade. He simply wouldn’t tell the truth just so he wouldn’t have to suffer. Nevertheless, Anderson kept his mouth shut and stayed loyal to Bonds. But why? Is he just that real? I mean, he must be if you’re willing to sit in jail for something that you didn’t do to protect somebody else. Or did he do just to save his reputation with the hopes of being trainer of the superstars again. Or was it the almighty dollar. I’m sorry, but in my opinion it’s hard to believe that as your friend, to help you, that if I’m willing to sit in jail for something that you did that you’re not going to chip me off something? You’re crazy. Not trying to deny his loyalty to his friend, and the bond they have however, there’s no way knowing that you’ve made millions that I’m not negotiating my fee for sitting in a jail cell. And no matter how real or fake Anderson is, money changes the whole scope of everything. After this it will be well-known that Anderson was just as dirty as Bonds and will always be connected to the BALCO investigation and steroid use in Major League Baseball. So who on earth wants to be connected to him? Who would dare hire him as their trainer knowing the cloud that would hover over them? Answer: NOBODY! So no matter how real or fake Anderson is perceived to be, he still needed to find a way to parlay this situation in his favor. What better way than to take one for the team and profit the best way he could from a bad situation. Because above all else, his only allegiance is to his family and his bank account and in the end cash rules everything. Look at it this way, how many of your friends would take the initial knock for you? Better yet ask any of your friends or associates for a favor, and when money is introduced as an incentive there becomes less resistance to do said favor So before we crown or hail Greg Anderson as the H.T.I.C. (Head Trainer In Charge) let’s never forget that MONEY changes everything. Even a mans’ willingness to sit in jail for a charge that’s not his.

It’s the middle of March so that can only mean a few things. about 5 more weeks of winter for us Clevelanders and NCAA March madness. This is the time where all fair weather fans get their one shot at being a sports know it all and bragging rights for the next three weeks. However, this is also the time where most analysts and hard-core fans will differ in opinions. Most fans don’t follow sports day in and day out. So they lack the knowledge of their home team and most times will just use blind faith. Analysts will tell you not to pick your 13th seeded team to go to the final four, it’s just not a good play. However, I’m here to tell you, pick your team and do it with no shame. Are you really being a homer if you truly believe they will win. Face it, you could place your faith in many riskier things that would bring harsher repercussions. So what, who cares that Indiana State has NO CHANCE against Syracuse, roll with your squad. This is the true essence of fandom, to ride or die with your team even if they get blown out by 23. So for all the homer fans, wear your favorite shirt and hat and represent loud and proud. And trust me, this has nothing to do with me being from Ohio, I picked Ohio State to win the tournament. Remember I’m not a homer, I truly believe in Sullinger and the crew.!

A few years ago Nas caused a big stir when he said hip hop was dead. Artist big and small dismissed this notation and claimed Nasir to be a hater of the current climate of hip hop music. However, years later, as the music has continued to evolve, I must say, while hip hop isn’t dead, it definitely is dying a slow death. There will always be wack music, stupid dance songs, great underground music that will never be heard, and commercial music that will irritate you after so many listens on the radio, but if you haven’t noticed, slowing but surely hip hop legends are dying faster than they can be born. Let’s not go back to the 80’s where Boogie Down Productions lost their comrade Scott La Rock. We can easily look back at the mid 90’s where we lost 2 certified kings of the genre. And since 1997 we’ve been looking for the next Tupac and Biggie just like the NBA has been looking for the next Jordan. Since Tupac and Biggie, we’ve lost Big L, who was supposed to be the next big thing. Then we lost Big Pun, he had one of the illest flows ever. Souljah Slim and Jam Master Jay were murdered with their cases still unsolved. Left Eye and Dj Am both died during tragic accidents and we can even mention Aaliyah, considering every slender brown skin diva following may not have a niche if not for this Timbaland protegé. Producer J Dilla who has provided many tracks for us to jam to left us too soon. Pimp C and Dj Screw both have left a void in southern hip hop that won’t be filled anytime soon. And let’s not forget Proof and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. And with the recent passing of Nate Dogg the original hook master, hip hop every year is losing legends that can’t and won’t be replaced. Death knows no color, race creed, or genre, but for hip hop seems to have its target perfectly lined up for legends.

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