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There are three things my dad taught me to never mess with when it comes to another man;

1 his money

2 his lady and

3 his kids

Well apparently Lamar Odoms’ teammates either didn’t know these rules, or they just didn’t care. As reported by ESPN.com Dallas Maverick players voted that Lamar Odom not receive his share of post season compensation. To make the picture clearer, Lamar is losing out on 14k.

I mean damn, how bad do you have to feel towards a guy to not allow him in on a share of the playoff money. Granted, yes he didn’t participate in the 4 game sweep, however, as poorly as they played in the final two games, many could say the players that showed up didn’t play much either. Nonetheless, how rough did he rub teammates that made them feel as if he didn’t deserve anything. I think it points more to the issues he was having adjusting in the locker room and getting acquainted with Dallas. While many will say, he’s a professional and that he should’ve showed up ready to play. No one really knows what was or is going on in his life that affected him so much that he couldn’t even focus at the one place he could normally find solitude.

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It’s kind of sad to see what happened to Lamar, hopefully he can get out of Dallas, and find comfort somewhere and end his last few basketball years on a high note.


Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks they took down the big bad wolf in the Miami Heat to win the 2001 NBA title. Dirk who has played like a beast the entire playoffs has finally gotten the credit he deserves and him, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry will all get rings they not deserve but have earned. They swept the Lakers, and then took care of the Thunder who many were trying to crown as the heir to throne of the Western Conference, the Mavericks essentially became the forgotten team even though they were in contention for the #2 seed going into the last week of the season. Even through injuries to Caron Butlers’ knee and then Dirks finger the Mavs persevered and prevailed. Now that the Mavericks have won we can get off of Dirks’ back. Though his game has finesse, he’s not soft. He showed that he alone could carry a team in the stat sheet scoring a total 62 points in all the 4th quarters combined and then in the locker room. He called out Jason Terry which prompted him to call out LeBron, which was the jump start the Mavs needed. Dirk in these playoffs showed that you don’t need a big three after all to win not 4, not 3, not 2 but 1 championship. And since Mark Cuban is looking for ideas on what to buy his team to celebrate their championship, how about going old school WWF Ted DiBiase Mr. Million Dollar Man belt style with diamond encrusted Larry O’Brien trophies. Or Jay-Z, Dame Dash Roca-fella chain style and have the Larry O’Brien trophy pendant on a platinum chain. That would definitely be a new look.

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks

2011 NBA Champions

The Miami Heat will face off with the Dallas Mavericks in the in a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals. The Heat come in playing arguably the best basketball of any one and definitely their best of the year. With Udonis Haslem returning from injury giving them a better rebounding and interior presence so the Heat no longer have to rely on Chris Bosh to grab the crucial rebounds and be their mainstay in the paint. Also Mike Miller who has struggled all year has found his stroke since the Bulls series and gives Miami another player that can create their own shot from the outside. Dallas also comes in playing at a high level sweeping the defending champs and disposing of the youthful Oklahoma City Thunder. Dirk has played like the MVP of the playoffs so far and shedding the label of soft that he’s fought since his 2006 NBA Finals appearance. The Mavericks have had the most consistent bench of the playoffs with J.J. Berea and Jason Terry carrying the scoring load for the second unit with Brendan Haywood giving them an inside scoring threat to keep the defense honest. This series will come down to how well Dwayne Wade plays, though everyone will say all of the pressure is on LeBron. I saw the pressure is on Wade because LeBron is the greatest front runner ever; and I mean that as a compliment. When he plays with confidence and sees blood he can go for the kill. Just reference the close out games they had against Boston and Chicago. LeBron is the guy that is the greatest street fighter with his crew behind him, but when fighting by himself, he can’t hold off foes but for so long. Notice how when Wade plays well it relaxes LeBron. It allows him to know that if he makes a mistake, having a bad stretch that someone has his back. This is what has allowed LeBron to be the best closer of the playoffs. So as long as Wade plays well, LeBron will continue to do what he has done all through the playoffs. The key for Dallas is to take us their height to their advantage. Dirk, Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler and Haywood are mismatches for just about anyone that will guard them around the low post. Tyson with alley-oops and back door cuts, Marion with that face up jumper, Haywood with his decent post up game and Dirk with his overall game should give them an advantage that should open up the outside for their shooters. Dirk will have to score 28 points and Terry 20 points every night for the Mavs to win, period. Dirk will have to continue his MVP like play. However, for as much as I’m rooting for the Mavericks to win in 7, because that’s what I believe it will take. My head won’t allow me to pick against Miami. I didn’t think they would come together this fast with the flaws they had. LeBron is playing like the school yard bully knowing that Wade is his sergeant at arms. The Heat have figured it out, and they will win the NBA Finals in 6 games. LeBron will win MVP honors and make everyone swallow the venom they’ve been spewing at him since July 2010. For the 9-8 start, crying in the locker room and rumors that LeBron and Wade would clash, they put their egos to the side for the purpose of winning a title. Exactly how they planned it.

Who is number 41 for the Dallas Mavericks? Yes I know his name is Dirk Nowitzki, but who was the guy that dropped 48 points on the Thunder in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Zone, matrix, whatever you want to call it Dirk was feeling it in game one only missing three total shots out of 39 all night. Do you know how hard that is? Some people miss more than that shooting paper balls at their trash can. This new improved Dirk that we’re watching in these playoffs is no joke. Lost in all the hype of the Miami Heat coming together and the Lakers chances at a three peat we didn’t see that Dirk was sharpening his knife he’s been using to stab in the hearts of defenses that attempt to guard him. In the first round Dirk made sure not to let the Blazers back in the series by winning the last two games and closing the Blazers out on their home court. Then the unthinkable happened, Dirk and the Mavericks swept the two time champs and reduced Kobe the black mamba to a gardener snake. Not saying that nobody picked the Mavs, but for certain nobody picked them to sweep the Lakers. Even the 2006 Mavericks that made it to the finals didn’t appear this good. Dirk is playing up to the mentality of that 2007 MVP Award he won. He’s not letting teams’ breath. When the opportunity comes, it is Dirk who is stepping on throats and hammering nails in coffins. I must admit I never thought I would see Dirk play this well, but the man appears to be in a space that will not allow him to stirred, rattled or shaken. Furthermore, behind this play, since my initial Finals prediction was swept by the Mavs, I’ve found myself looking for a seat upon the bandwagon. Dirk said it himself in an interview on ESPN, “It doesn’t really matter who’s on me”. YES! This is the Dirk I’ve been looking for. Where did this guy come from all of sudden? He’s now saying he has to stay in attack mode and he’s the go to guy. If he keeps this mind state I’m not sure who can beat the Mavs. Moreover if the Thunder don’t figure it out they’ll be home real soon and we’re also going to see how good of a defender Kevin Durant is because he may be the one that needs to guard Dirk due to his length. Not being a prisoner of the moment, I like the Mavs chances to win it all. They’ve taken on the attitude of their leader Dirk who I think it’s fair to say has shaken off the ‘soft’ moniker with his play thus far. Like they say the playoffs are where legends are made and Dirk is looking to add an NBA title an accomplishment to t

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