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Through out the NBA playoffs there were rumblings that Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade was suffering from a knee injury, however there was never an official announcement. Well today it was announced that Wade will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery and will be sidelined for 6-8 weeks and will have to miss the 2012 summer Olympics.

Have to give Wade some credit for pushing through with such an injury, know it has to be satisfying that it was all worth it having an NBA championship to show for it.

Bright side, at least Wade doesn’t have to answer questions all summer long about Olympians being paid and can sit back and enjoy the summer off with his family.

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ESPN sat down with LeBron James after winning his first NBA title and broke up the conversation in 3 parts. In my opinion in this interview he comes off humble, understanding that he can’t as narcissistic as he has before. From the earned not given  t-shirt, I thought he did himself good with this interview for those giving him a fair shot to earn his way back into their good graces. For those who don’t like him, and look for any reason to discredit him, the interview will do nothing.

If you haven’t seen the interview, check out the video below of the full interview.

Shane Battier Shoe Commercial

Win you play on a team that many laud as a dream team of sorts, it’s only right that some role players get some shine with their own endorsement deals, and commercials.

Add Shane Battier to that list of popular by association. Battier has a shoe endorsement deal through the 2nd largest apparel company in China Peak. With that came his own commercial, that until the Heat won the championship a few days ago I had never seen. And considering I’m a man of the people, I’m here to share it with you.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/43735520″>”X’s and O’s” – Shane Battier – Peak International NBA Commercial</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/nickolasduarte”>Nickolas Duarte</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Only problem I have with this commercial, I doubt Shane can jump ‘that’ high. I mean if you wanted to make it realistic, then you could’ve had him taking a charge, but out jumping somebody…nah. Then again he did out jump Kevin Durant in game 2 of the NBA Finals.

New LeBron James Nike Commercial

It didn’t take long for Nike to release a commercial in celebration of LeBron winning his first NBA title. Here it is.

Big ups to Jose3030

Not Yet A King

Take a listen as I talk about how LeBron comes up short once again in the playoffs and debut his new theme song.

You know that lion head that’s on LeBron’s shoe…can we petition that we change it to something more along the lines of let’s say a mountain lion. Maybe a mere cat? I mean we don’t have to paint Garfield on his shoes, but we can’t allow him to have a strong symbol of a lion on his shoe when he keeps playing like a house cat in big moments, just saying, think about it.

Old Logo                                                                                                                      New Logo

Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks they took down the big bad wolf in the Miami Heat to win the 2001 NBA title. Dirk who has played like a beast the entire playoffs has finally gotten the credit he deserves and him, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry will all get rings they not deserve but have earned. They swept the Lakers, and then took care of the Thunder who many were trying to crown as the heir to throne of the Western Conference, the Mavericks essentially became the forgotten team even though they were in contention for the #2 seed going into the last week of the season. Even through injuries to Caron Butlers’ knee and then Dirks finger the Mavs persevered and prevailed. Now that the Mavericks have won we can get off of Dirks’ back. Though his game has finesse, he’s not soft. He showed that he alone could carry a team in the stat sheet scoring a total 62 points in all the 4th quarters combined and then in the locker room. He called out Jason Terry which prompted him to call out LeBron, which was the jump start the Mavs needed. Dirk in these playoffs showed that you don’t need a big three after all to win not 4, not 3, not 2 but 1 championship. And since Mark Cuban is looking for ideas on what to buy his team to celebrate their championship, how about going old school WWF Ted DiBiase Mr. Million Dollar Man belt style with diamond encrusted Larry O’Brien trophies. Or Jay-Z, Dame Dash Roca-fella chain style and have the Larry O’Brien trophy pendant on a platinum chain. That would definitely be a new look.

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks

2011 NBA Champions

Ever since LeBron decided to take his talents to Miami there’s been much debate about whose team it was. I debate this with a friend of mine all the time. He says it’s LeBron’s team, he’s too good, too much personality for it not to be his. And I always respond with, Wade has tenure, and leadership that allows him to welcome another superstar onto his team. Well 11 months later I’ve changed my opinion. It’s not Wade’s team. However, that doesn’t mean it is LeBron’s team either. Honestly these playoffs have shown that the team belongs to both of them. Many people have chosen the co-ceo analogy to explain how this partnership would not work. But let’s look at another way. Think about parenting, mom and dad have a child; does anybody ever argue whose child it is? When a couple buys a home does anyone really know whose house it is? No, and outside of those two people it doesn’t really matter what the outside world thinks. LeBron and Wade have figured out a way to share the spotlight, locker room and the basketball and are within 2 games of winning their first finals together. So while we debate and argue whose team it is, they’ll be content winning games while understanding that no one can do it alone.

The Miami Heat will face off with the Dallas Mavericks in the in a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals. The Heat come in playing arguably the best basketball of any one and definitely their best of the year. With Udonis Haslem returning from injury giving them a better rebounding and interior presence so the Heat no longer have to rely on Chris Bosh to grab the crucial rebounds and be their mainstay in the paint. Also Mike Miller who has struggled all year has found his stroke since the Bulls series and gives Miami another player that can create their own shot from the outside. Dallas also comes in playing at a high level sweeping the defending champs and disposing of the youthful Oklahoma City Thunder. Dirk has played like the MVP of the playoffs so far and shedding the label of soft that he’s fought since his 2006 NBA Finals appearance. The Mavericks have had the most consistent bench of the playoffs with J.J. Berea and Jason Terry carrying the scoring load for the second unit with Brendan Haywood giving them an inside scoring threat to keep the defense honest. This series will come down to how well Dwayne Wade plays, though everyone will say all of the pressure is on LeBron. I saw the pressure is on Wade because LeBron is the greatest front runner ever; and I mean that as a compliment. When he plays with confidence and sees blood he can go for the kill. Just reference the close out games they had against Boston and Chicago. LeBron is the guy that is the greatest street fighter with his crew behind him, but when fighting by himself, he can’t hold off foes but for so long. Notice how when Wade plays well it relaxes LeBron. It allows him to know that if he makes a mistake, having a bad stretch that someone has his back. This is what has allowed LeBron to be the best closer of the playoffs. So as long as Wade plays well, LeBron will continue to do what he has done all through the playoffs. The key for Dallas is to take us their height to their advantage. Dirk, Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler and Haywood are mismatches for just about anyone that will guard them around the low post. Tyson with alley-oops and back door cuts, Marion with that face up jumper, Haywood with his decent post up game and Dirk with his overall game should give them an advantage that should open up the outside for their shooters. Dirk will have to score 28 points and Terry 20 points every night for the Mavs to win, period. Dirk will have to continue his MVP like play. However, for as much as I’m rooting for the Mavericks to win in 7, because that’s what I believe it will take. My head won’t allow me to pick against Miami. I didn’t think they would come together this fast with the flaws they had. LeBron is playing like the school yard bully knowing that Wade is his sergeant at arms. The Heat have figured it out, and they will win the NBA Finals in 6 games. LeBron will win MVP honors and make everyone swallow the venom they’ve been spewing at him since July 2010. For the 9-8 start, crying in the locker room and rumors that LeBron and Wade would clash, they put their egos to the side for the purpose of winning a title. Exactly how they planned it.

Turning Up the Heat

4 games to 1. 97 to 87. Big 3 versus big 2 & a half. Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh finally did it. The signing parade and pep rally in early July has finally seemed to pay off for the Miami Heat. Wade, LeBron, and Bosh have been criticized all season for joining forces in Miami. But this was the goal, to beat the Boston Celtics en route to a championship. A task none of them could do on their own. The Heat had their struggles this year and most analysts had next year as the season they would put it all together. However, the Heat have been playing their best basketball so far. LeBron and Wade have finally figured out how to play together and every time Bosh gets his emotions together he proves to be the piece that completes the Heat’s big 3. The Heat may not get much from their bench, but with Wade and LeBron playing like this, there aren’t many teams that can match their scoring prowess. For the Celtics there should be no shame. They were just beat by a better team. They got old, injured and just couldn’t fight the good fight anymore. Kevin Garnett this series showed that at this stage of his career that he can no longer carry a team for multiple games at a time. Paul Pierce didn’t play well this series, Ray Allen had his hands full with Wade and with Rajon Rondo being injured the Celtics just couldn’t muster up enough to overtake the Heat. Fast forwarding the conversation, for Heat haters, they better hope and pray the Bulls take care of the Hawks, because that is their only hope for giving the Heat some competition in their quest for a ring. As for now, let’s hope the Heat don’t break out the ticker tape and fireworks seeing as they’ve only made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Eastern Conference

The Chicago Bulls have been the most consistent team during the regular season, the Miami Heat have been the most talked about and the Boston Celtics have been the most changed. This makes for a most interesting playoff in the Eastern Conference. In the first round the Bulls should have no problem with the Indiana Pacers and barring a miracle the Heat should be able to handle the Philadelphia76ers with relative ease. But the Celtics may have their hands full with a revamped New York Knicks team. The Celtics haven’t yet rebounded from trading Kendrick Perkins, and they can’t seem to stay healthy long enough to generate some new chemistry with the new players they’ve traded for. With the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire the Knicks now have a superstar tandem that will keep them competitive with anyone in the league. Nonetheless, the Celtics experience will prevail, as the Knicks won have enough role players to overcome a veteran laden Celtic team.  The Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic are like an under card match in a boxing event, fun and exciting but nobody expects them to go far. I do expect the Magic to advance to the second round, but how far will they go from there is a mystery. If they make shots and Dwight Howard stays out of foul trouble, the sky is the limit. However, all season they haven’t looked like the team that went to the finals in 2009. The Magic won’t get past the Bulls in the second round due to speedy gonzales on hardwood aka Derrick Rose. Granted the Bulls have no consistent answer against Howard, they at last have some kind of answer. The Magic have absolutely no way to slow down or stop rose and that will be the difference. The Celtics and Heat will fight to death in the conference semis; LeBron will look to avenge his lost from last year while the Celtics will aim to do what we all wish for. That is, knock the Heat off the parade mobile they rode in on during their signing parade. Home court will belong to the Heat and that will be a small factor, the Celtics are not the same team from a year ago, they are missing something. It will be interesting to see if they have enough time to put it together. The Heat have two of the four best players on the same team, but they lack leadership, no one knows who the ‘go to guy’ is, who’s the one guy that when it all looks but over gets you back in the game. No matter how good they’ve looked at times that’s still an issue. And with no one willing to step on someone’s toes, always will be. Also their lack of a point guard and center will be the death of them. They have no one to run their offense. LeBron and Wade don’t listen to Bibby or Chalmers, and for whatever reason LeBron doesn’t want to play point guard. And though they trampled the new look Celtics the last Sunday of the season, I believe the Celtics will win. As always, all season, Chris bosh will be vital to their success and if he doesn’t average 10 rebounds they will lose. He must be the one to do the grunt work every night. And for that I’m picking the Celtics, even as disconnected as they looked. Until the Heat prove they are worthy, I’ll give Boston’s big four the benefit of the doubt. Celtics vs. Bulls will be great. Rose boozer and Noah vs. rondo and the big three. Let’s not forget Rose is guided by Tom Thibodeau the former Celtics defensive guru and for this advantage is why I’m picking the Bulls. The defense the Bulls play won’t allow the Celtics to get into a rhythm and exploit the chemistry issues the Celtics have. Rose will continue his MVP caliber play, while father time will finally catch up to the Celtics.

Round 1 (Winners of series are in bold)
(1) Bulls 4 games to 1  (8) Pacers
(4) Magic 4 games to 2  (5) Hawks
(3) Celtics 4 games to 2  (6) Knicks
(2) Heat 4 games to 1   (7) 76ers

Conference Semi-finals
(1) Bulls 4 games to 2  (4) Magic
(2) Heat   4 games to 3  (3) Celtics

Conference Finals
(1) Bulls 4 games to 3 (3) Celtics

Eastern conference champion Chicago Bulls

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