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Kobe Bryant Sets New Playoff Record


For the greatness that Kobe exudes there is also a downside to his ultra competitveness. His reluctance to trust his teammates the past two season has been a factor of why they’ve been second round departers in back to back playoff appearances.

The greatness; in game 5 against the Oklahoma City Thunder Kobe scored 42 points on 33 shots while playing 41 minutes.

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The downside; he set a new playoff record with most field goal attempts (33) with out an assist, passing Karl Malone.

While Kobe will readily admit that his drive to win is more than his teammates, instead of trying to takeover the game, he should empower them. It’s very possible that his large presence weighs to heavy on his teammates and it doesn’t allow them to perform. And when he finally decides to pass them the ball they’re completely out of rhythm.

Though Kobe posses the ability to shoot his team into the game, at this point of his career, and him taking so many he also can shoot them out of it as well.

When the Lakers won their last title it was when Kobe deferred some to his low post counterparts. Perhaps he should revsist that strategy.


Don’t Let Kobe Fool You


You were convinced weren’t you? That Kobe had all of a sudden become this fantastic leader since Derek Fisher was traded, not blasting his coach for benching him. You thought things were now different.

Errrrr, wrong, where’s the jeopardy buzzer. Kobe is the same guys he’s always been and now that Fisher is gone Bryant has no other choice but to be more subdued, however that doesn’t mean he’s a ton different than what he always was. Yea, so what he said the right thing after being benched by Mike Brown. A one time occurance a trend does not start. Now if he started rooting for Coach Brown to draw up plays in the last two minutes then let’s roll with that theory. But Kobe is too late in his career to start acquiescing to people he doesn’t trust. You see how he treats Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, and he’s been around them for years. So you want me to believe that he’s going to trust Coach Brown after just a few months. I laugh in the face of those thoughts.

What the Lakers need most from Kobe is that he relies more on the trust of his teammates, because that is what will take them far. Eventually Kobe will have another game similar to the one he had last night against New Orleans and Pau and Bynum will need to carry the load. And though Kobe isn’t the greatest motivator, he needs to at least not brow beat them. I’m not gonna bore you with stats, but when you look at the lakers, they look like a team with no chemistry, no flow, almost like they’re just winging it, and that won’t work for long.

Kobe as the leader and most powerful has to be the one to lead the charge for how this team plays, if he goes about it selfishly, then the rest of the team will follow. I saw a quote that read “if you want to find the truth lose the urge to be right.”

If Kobe wants to win a sixth ring he needs to lose the urge to be individually the best.

Top 10: NBA Scorers

Here’s my list of top 10 scorers in the NBA. I’ve based my rankings on their play during the current season, with track record being a small factor

10 Joe Johnson

As gifted as a talent there is, he can shoot from the outside and though he may not be the fastest guy in the league, he’s quick and shifty enough to slide past you and get to the basket. Many get frustrated with Johnson because he doesn’t show a killer instinct. While that may be true, the guy can score, and on the Hawks he’s the one you want with the ball at the end.

9 Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose in my opinion is the fastest guy in the league, and with that speed he is able to get the hole with ease. Over the offseason Rose improved his jump shot making 112 more 3 pointers this season than he did in the 2009-2010 season and also raising his free throw percentage to 86% from 77%. Now that you have to respect his outside shot defenders are less prone to lay off of him. Though you may prefer he shoot the ball, you can’t just leave him wide open, and this has further opened driving lanes for Rose.

8 Kevin Martin

He’s quiet, he’s not likely to make the highlight reel, but what he will do for you is shoot 40% from the field which he’s done every season but his rookie year. Last season he shot 38% from 3 point land and ranked 9th in points per game averaging 23 points. He’s a guy that can get you 20 points anytime he steps on the floor.

7 Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is as consistent as they come; he’s only averaged above 46% shooting all but one year of his career, and at least 20 points per game but twice. At 7’0”, he’s a match up problem for just about anyone that guards him. He can shoot, take you off the dribble and is a willing passer. The only missing is a legit post game, but when you can face up and rise above the defender, he figures why play with his back to the basket.

6 Manu Ginobli

Ginobli is a career 45% shooter. After that none of his other stats will blow you away. To truly understand and appreciate his game you have had to watch him. He’s crafty, he’ll never win a racing competition, but he always manages to find his way to the hole. He plays with a reckless abandon for his body that is matched by very few. For the majority of his career with the Spurs he’s been the spark off the bench and the one the keeps everything flowing between their big 3.

Ginobli may never be in the top five of scoring, but if you need a critical basket, he’s definitely on your short list.

5 Dwayne Wade

Who could forget his performance in the 2006 NBA Finals where he led the Miami Heat to their first championship? Wade has made a living getting to the basket and creating havoc for defenders. A good first step, excellent mid-range game, and one of the few players below 6’6” who can post up there defender there’s not too many places you feel comfortable making him shoot from. Wade percentage wise had his best shooting season, shooting 50% from the field. Wade has shown himself to be as clutch as they come, and no matter who is on the team with him, you love having the ball in his hand with the game on the line.

4 LeBron James

The last 4 years LeBron has been a beast to keep it brief. Over the last 4 seasons he’s shot an average of 49% from the field, with this past season being his best at 51%. Watching LeBron drive down lane is like watching a train drive at you. With passing ability comparable to Magic and Jason Kidd you can’t play off of him but so much. Granted you much rather give him a jump shot, but once the man gets hot, he’s as unstoppable as they come. The only thing missing from his game is a legitimate post game. For as physical as he likes to play he doesn’t seem comfortable playing with his back to the basketball. However, 8 years in, it hasn’t seemed to slow him down yet. All he’s ever done is average a minimum of 26 points every year but his rookie season.

3 Kobe Bryant

For a long time Kobe was the best player and scorer in the league. A few years, injuries and championship rings later Kobe no longer remains numero uno. However, he still can get the job done. He may not have the burst to blow by you all the time, but go to you tube and search Kobe over Okafor and you’ll see that when needed Kobe can still throw it down it you. Instead of using his athletic ability to beat you he now uses skill and craft to get the shot he wants. He’s worked with Hakeem Olajuwon and developed a fade away jump shot over the last few seasons. Though older, Kobe still possesses the ability to drop 35 on you if necessary.

2 Kevin Durant

Upon this 6’9” thin frame lays a two time scoring champion and a career 46% shooter. Durant is a threat to score just about anywhere on the court. You give him space and he’s able to drive past you. You lay off of him and he’ll sink a jump shot from anywhere on the floor. Only 4 years into his career and the sky is the limit. The only thing left for him to do is add some muscle and post moves to his repertoire and he’ll be unguardable.

1 Carmelo Anthony

Post moves, check. Mid-range game, check. Penetrator, check. You name anything that has to do with scoring and Carmelo Anthony can do it, and is probably tops in the league at it. Carmelo has never shot below 42% in his career tied a career high shooting 37% from 3 point land. There aren’t too many ways you can defend him, you just kind of hope he has bad shot selection and shoots his way into a bad night. But I wouldn’t bank on it.

The next 5

Paul Pierce

Monte Ellis

Dwight Howard

Amare Stoudemire

Monta Ellis

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