Who is number 41 for the Dallas Mavericks? Yes I know his name is Dirk Nowitzki, but who was the guy that dropped 48 points on the Thunder in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Zone, matrix, whatever you want to call it Dirk was feeling it in game one only missing three total shots out of 39 all night. Do you know how hard that is? Some people miss more than that shooting paper balls at their trash can. This new improved Dirk that we’re watching in these playoffs is no joke. Lost in all the hype of the Miami Heat coming together and the Lakers chances at a three peat we didn’t see that Dirk was sharpening his knife he’s been using to stab in the hearts of defenses that attempt to guard him. In the first round Dirk made sure not to let the Blazers back in the series by winning the last two games and closing the Blazers out on their home court. Then the unthinkable happened, Dirk and the Mavericks swept the two time champs and reduced Kobe the black mamba to a gardener snake. Not saying that nobody picked the Mavs, but for certain nobody picked them to sweep the Lakers. Even the 2006 Mavericks that made it to the finals didn’t appear this good. Dirk is playing up to the mentality of that 2007 MVP Award he won. He’s not letting teams’ breath. When the opportunity comes, it is Dirk who is stepping on throats and hammering nails in coffins. I must admit I never thought I would see Dirk play this well, but the man appears to be in a space that will not allow him to stirred, rattled or shaken. Furthermore, behind this play, since my initial Finals prediction was swept by the Mavs, I’ve found myself looking for a seat upon the bandwagon. Dirk said it himself in an interview on ESPN, “It doesn’t really matter who’s on me”. YES! This is the Dirk I’ve been looking for. Where did this guy come from all of sudden? He’s now saying he has to stay in attack mode and he’s the go to guy. If he keeps this mind state I’m not sure who can beat the Mavs. Moreover if the Thunder don’t figure it out they’ll be home real soon and we’re also going to see how good of a defender Kevin Durant is because he may be the one that needs to guard Dirk due to his length. Not being a prisoner of the moment, I like the Mavs chances to win it all. They’ve taken on the attitude of their leader Dirk who I think it’s fair to say has shaken off the ‘soft’ moniker with his play thus far. Like they say the playoffs are where legends are made and Dirk is looking to add an NBA title an accomplishment to t